CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Nature and Significance of Management Set C

Ques 1: Which force is consisted as the essence of management?

Ans: Co-Ordination 

Ques 2: ‘Doing the task with minimum cost” name the term associated with management?

Ans: Efficiency 

Ques 3: ‘ In order to be successful , an organization must change its goals according to the needs of the environment. Whish characteristics of management are highlighted in this statement.

Ans: “Management is dynamic functioning” 

Ques 4: Which function of management is bridges the gap between where we stand today and where we want to reach

Ans: Planning 

Ques 5: Name the function of management which establishes organization structure and establishes authority and responsibility relations?

Ans: Organizing 

Ques 6: In which functions of management standards are compared with actual, deviations are find out and corrective steps are taken?

Ans: Organizing 

Ques 7: Anything (-) management is equal to what?

Ans: Controlling 

Ques 8: Departmental manages are included at which level of management?

Ans: At middle management 

Ques 9: Name the level of management the following parts belongs to.

  1. Purchase managers.
  2. CEO
  3. Superintendent.

Ans:    i) Middle Level

           ii) Top level

           iii) Supervisory Level 

Ques 10: ‘Survival profit and growth are essential target of any business’ which objectives of management is referred here?

Ans: Organizational objectives 

Ques 11: ‘Every organization whether it is business or non-business should use environmental methods of production, give employment opportunities and provide basic amenities like schools and crèches to employees’ name the objective of management indicated here?

Ans: Social Objectives 

Ques 12: The activities involved in managing an enterprise are common to all organizations whether social or political’ which characteristics of management is highlighted by this statement?

Ans: Management is all pervasive 

Ques 13: What is PODSCORB?

Ans: Luther Gullick gave the keyword PODSCORB which stands for Planning, Directing, Staffing, Co-coordinating, Reporting and budgeting. 

Ques 14: How Management is an intangible force?

Ans:The presence of management can be felt by seeking the orderliness and co-ordination in the  working environment.

e.g. if the inventory of finished products is increasing day by day it clearly indicates mismanagement of marketing and sales. 

Ques 15: “Management is essential for successful running of an enterprise”, How?

Ans: 1.Management increases efficiency.

        2.Ensures optimum utilization of resources.

       3. Management creates dynamic organization. 

Ques 16: Father of Mr. ‘Y’ acts as Vice President in ABC Ltd. Name the level of Management he is working? Explain Any two functions performed by him?

Ans: Top level of Management


1.         Determining the objectives of the enterprise

2.         Assembling all the resources such as finance, fixed 

Ques 17: Mr. Anil working as a ‘Sales department Head in XYZ Ltd. Name the level of  Management he is working? Explain Any two functions performed by him?

Ans: Middle level of management


  1. Interpretation of policies framed by top Management to lower level.
  2. Recruiting & Selecting the employees for their department
  3. Motivation the persons to perform to their best ability


Ques 18: Explain any 3 functions performed by operational Level?

Ans: 1. Looking to safety of workers.

        2. to boost morale of workers.

        3.Representing the problems of workers before the middle level management 

Ques 19: ‘Co-ordination’ is the essence of Management’ Explain.

   Ans: Co-ordination is needed to perform all the functions of management, Co-ordination is required at all the levels.Co-ordination is the most important function of an organization. 

Ques 20: “Management is critical ingredient of a nation’s growth” Comment.

Ans:1. Mgt Helps in creating employment opportunities

       2. Mgt insists providing Quality goods.

       3. Mgt helps in increasing GDP and leads to growth of Nation. 

Ques 21: Why Mgt is considered as Multi dimensional function?

Ans:  1Mgt of work

        2.  Mgt of people

        3.  Mgt of operation 

Ques 22:  “Mgt is Science as well as act”. Explain this statement.

Ans:  Mgt as a science

             i. Systematic body of Knowledge

             ii. Principles are based on repeated experiments

             Mgt as an Art

                   i.   Existence of theoretical Knowledge

                   ii.   Application of Knowledge



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