CBSE Class 12 Biology HOTs Strategies For Enhancement In food Production

CBSE Class XII HOTs Biology - Strategies For Enhancement Infood Production database with answers (Please refer to other links for answers to HOTs questions) for Class 12 of CBSE exams for CBSE Students. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these Question Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. 

Q.1. Why hybrids of selected parents are self pollinated till a state of homozygosity?1

Ans.1) Inbreeding depression


Q.2. Name the parents of hisardale. 1

Ans.2) It is free of virus

Q.3. For which amino acids maize is biofortified ? 1

Ans.3) Embryo Transfer technology

Q.4. To which micro organism is Parbhani Kranti resistant and give the botanical name of it ?1


Ans.4) Because there is limited availability of disease resistance genes in the crop plants & their wild relatives.

Q5. Which are the characters will you look for, to confirm that the plant given to you is a pest resistant?1

Ans.5)the best available local cultivar

Q.6. Why the breeding programme for millets is mainly focused for the development of high yielding varieties?


Ans.6) To produce pure or inbred lines, so that there will be no segregation of characters in the progeny.
Q.7. Name the parents of hisardale. 1
Ans.7). Bilkaneri ewes & Marino rams
Q.8. For which amino acids maize is biofortified ? 1

Ans.8). Tryptophan & lysine
Q.9. To which micro organism is Parbhani Kranti resistant and give the botanical name of it ?1

Ans.9). Yellow mosaic virus, Abelmoschus esculentus
Q.10. Which are the characters will you look for, to confirm that the plant given to you is a pest resistant?1
Ans.10). Morphological, physiological & biochemical
Q.11. Why the breeding programme for millets is mainly focused for the development of high yielding varieties? 1
Ans.11). Resistant to water stress.

2 Marks

Q.1)Name the pest organisms for which Pusa stem- 2 & pusa stem – 3 are prepared as pest resistant recombinants 2

Ans.1)Yellow mosaic virus, Abelmoschus esculentus

Q.2)The somatic hybrid of tomato & potato is ‘pomato’ but it is not grown on commercial scale. Why? 2

Ans.2) Morphological, physiological & biochemical


3) To which products are the following related? 2

a) Green revolution

b) Blue Revolution


Ans.3) a. Increased food production (Wheat & paddy)


         b. Increased fish production
Q.4) Complete the following missing steps and aims in the breeding of new genetic variety of a crop. 2

Step Aim

a.___________________ -collection of pre-existing genetic variability

B.Pure line creation -To evaluate and select parents.

c.____________________ -To combine the desired characters of different plants

d. screening the superior _________________________ combinant

e. Release and commercialization __________________________ of new cultivars


Ans.4) a. Germ plasm collection


b. Cross Hybridization


c. To select and test the hybrid for the desired character combination for success of breeding objective.


d. Obtained hybrid is evaluated in the crop field and is compared with the local crop cultivar.

Q.5) How is outcrossing different from cross breeding? 2


Ans.5) Outcrossing is the practice of mating animals of the same breed that have no common ancestors on either side of their pedigree upto 4-6 generations whereas cross breeding is the cross of one with superior females of another breed.

Q.6) How was Parbhani kranti created? 2


Ans.6) It was created by transferring gene for resistance to yellow mosaic virus(YMV) in bhindi from a wild species to (Abelmoschus esculentus.)

Q.7) Which of the following crop plants are not matching as correct pairs? 2

a. Wheat - Himgiri

b. Brassica- Pusa Gaurav

c. Cauliflower- Pusa Shubra

d. Chilli-Pusa swarnim

Ans.7) Pusa Gaurav and Pusa swarnim are mismatching pairs.

Q.8)Complete the following table


Ans.8) A)Himgiri           B)Brassica                  c)Pusa shubhra                D) Chilli E)Chilly mosaic & leaf cure
Q.1)."Artificial insemination helps overcome several problems of normal mating"- Justify the statement and list a few of them. 3
Ans.1) This statement is true
-it helps in selective breeding in animals.
-semen of a single bull can be used to impregnate several females.
-quality semen is available in preserved form all the time at all places- Frozen semen can be exported or imported. It is the most reliable method.
Q.2) Name the steps represented in the following process 3
Ans.2)A-Collection of variability
B-Cross hybridization among the selected parents.
C – Selection and testing of superior recombinants.
Q.3). Match A with B 
           A                                         B 
i) Turnip Mosaic                         a) Bacteria
ii) Citrus canker                          b) Virus
iii) Sugar cane red rot                 c) Fungi
Ans.3) i) b)
ii) a)
iii) c)
Q.4)Following are the steps for breeding process. Arrange them in correct order, name the process & state its advantages. 3
a. The female is mated with a male of good variety
b. The fertilized egg at 8-32 called stage are recovered & transferred to surrogate mother.
c. The female is administered hormones to induce super-ovulation.
Ans.4) Correct order – c)  a)  b)
Process-Multiple ovulation embryo transfer
Advantage – To increase herd size in short time.



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