How To Prepare For CMA Foundation

CMA foundation (certified Management Accountant foundation) is a professional certification credential or management accounting and financial management. The certificate shows that the person has knowledge in the areas of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support and professional ethics.

The CMA Foundation is the first of three levels that need to be passed to begin your journey to become a cost and management accountant (CMA) in India. The CMA Foundation is beginner-level course.

While preparing for this examination candidate should know all about CMA foundation such as eligibility criteria, about CMA, syllabus details of CMA, highlights of CMA foundation examination etc. if you are doing preparation of CMA foundation exam then this article going to be very important for you, read this entire article carefully so that you know how to prepare for CMA foundation.

Below we are providing some CMA exam preparation tips which will be very helpful for your exam preparation. And with the help of these tips you can get good rank in CMA exam.

1. Make a good study plan

Planning is a significant part of this best tip for CMA students to begin planning for the CMA Foundation or entrance course. Regular Learning You picked notes Like Accounts Law, Economics Math. 

You must prepare what you need to read and learn today before you start reading in a paper sheet it’ll only take 5 minutes. It assures you that you concentrate on your target of cracking the CMA exam.

If you first try to clear the CMA Foundation you’re NEED to have a plan, If you don’t have that, then you will lose valuable moments and it will cost you time money and effort.

And start creating a timetable; determine the amount of time that you want to spend on each paper / subject (in a number of days and hours a day).

2. Be familiar with CMA syllabus and exam pattern

While doing preparation of any exam, you should know all about the exam syllabus and pattern of exam. By the help of knowing exam syllabus and pattern you can make preparation very easy and simple.

The particular exam syllabus shows you all topics that will be asked in examination. exam pattern and syllabus is similar like a map, exam pattern shows you the pattern of exam, how many questions will be asked in exam, types of question will be asked in exam, and the marking scheme of the examination.

So without knowing the exam pattern and syllabus of CMA you cannot prepare yourself for the examination. So the very first step, click the following link and know about the CMA syllabus and exam pattern. 

CMA exam pattern and syllabus

3. Be selective

CMA is a challenging exam with a large syllabus and a small amount of time to prepare and break the same for it. However, a quick Google search will show you about the whole study material such as pattern, guide, books reference or whatever, you will need years to complete. But our time is limited, isn’t it? Yes.

So before start preparation be selective with syllabus, choose important topics that are mostly asked in the examination.

4. Solve multiple mock tests and previous year questions papers

If you want to analyze yourself than continue the exercise with the mock study and the previous year’s questions papers because the best way to examine yourself is to check the most previous problem paper practices. 

These will help you properly manage the period, preventing the stupid errors in the exam  Simulated review papers by the CMA Foundation are ideal for clearing the examination You can practice handling resources and grasp the exam more. Yet make sure you’ve completed the whole syllabus online before you overcome the virtual test series.

5. Revise

The first step is to learn things, and the second is a revision. Keep in mind that you will only perform the part you reviewed before the exam. If you’re not constantly revising things, it’s going to drain your memory.  So, pick a day for a week to review all the things you’ve been studying for a week or so before.

6. Stay away from distractions

CMA conducts examinations twice a year including in June and December. If you take (or have taken) a whole year to research for either attempt (June or December), you will recognize that you don’t have longer than 4-5 months to plan and practice for the test. Obviously, 4-5 months can sound like a lot of time in the beginning, but very quickly you understand that it’s not enough to cover the syllabus if preparation is the only primary activity.

7. Stay motivated and positive

It’s just no-brainer. When preparing for any challenge in life it is important to have a positive mindset to ensure success in meeting it. For CMA the situation is no different. If you first show for the CMA exams you are bound to be nervous or scared to glance at the syllabus.

Take the proper diet and sleep. Students, if you intend on effectively learning, the key is good diet and proper sleep. Once you settle down on the food or sleep, the working hours will increase and the active hours will decline. So, it takes at least 6 hours of a day’s sleep and a proper diet not to face such an issue.

Book reference for CMA foundation exam preparation

Fundamentals of accounting books

Subjects Title Author Name
Fundamentals of Accounting Jasmine kaur
Cost Accounting and financial management a Practical Guide G Sekar & B Saravana Prasath
Guide to Indian accounting standards (Ind As) (set of two volumes) Taxman
Fundamentals of accounting N S Zad

Book reference for fundamentals of laws & Ethics

Books name Author name
A Handbook On Law, Ethics and Communication Best word publication
Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics  
Offences Under Company Law (penalties and Punishments) C A Kamal Garg
A Handbook On Law, Ethics and Communication Case creation

Book reference for Fundamentals of Business mathematics

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics Dr. J.K. Thukral
Fundamentals of Business Mathematics Dr. S.R. Arora and Kavita Gupta
Business mathematics fully solved previous year question papers Dr. S.R. arora and Dr. Kavita gupta
Business mathematics and statistics Somma Garg and Arun Julka

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