TIPS: Study habits for success

Being a student is fairly a difficult job. Alongside maintaining your curricular as well as extra-curricular activities adds more to it.

Performance in academics is one of the major concerns. Every parent now tries to get their children more indulged in studies.

Need to alter your routine:

So as to ease the pressure of better performance, get yourself to answer some of the basic questions. Do you have a routine? If you have is it effective enough? Is there any chance of improvement in your routine?

If you don't find answers to the above self-interrogation, here's an effective routine. Since it's never too late to start with good things, why not start from today itself.

Make yourself determined to mold some of the habits of your daily routine, and that's it. You are good to go with a successful academic session. Furthermore, it will let you prepare yourself for future learning.


TIPS: Study habits for success

Here are some of the enlisted habits for students to work on:


  • Know your learning style: Different student's preferences about how they learn better are different. As some tend to grasp things faster with the help of visuals. Some are good with auditory and kinesthetic learning. Others prefer reasoning and logic and thus are better logical learners.

  • Some students practice in group studies while some are solitary learners. The Later learns best alone.

  • Be a focused learner and not a multi-tasker: During your study hours try to stay away from distractions. Don't let things like background music, chattering environment, etc. come in between.

  • These distractions tend to shift your focus and your concentration to the number of tasks in your hand. And ultimately your concentration will not last long in any of them.

  • Reduce the span of spacing out: Spacing out basically refers to the time gap between the 1st and next time you read a topic. Try and keep that span as short as possible.

  • This will let you revise your syllabus and study material more often.

  • Make use of memory aids: It mainly points toward the use of mnemonics. Mnemonics refers to short forms prepared by using the initial letters or syllables of a phrase which is hard to memorize.

  • These can be used in every field. for instance, students find a periodic table in chemistry hard to memorize. In places like this according to your own comfort, one can come up with mnemonics.

  • Be your own guide: Mugging up lasts for a short while. Whereas understanding topics and their core concept is the real deal.

    TIPS: Study habits for success

  • Repeating and explaining it to yourself once, twice or by discussing it with others will widen your thinking. Thereby indulging you in a process of learning faster and in a better and effective way.

  • Be disciplined and determined: Nowadays students readily decide and prepare a routine to follow. But the hindrance lies in their habit of procrastinating their work. This is, either way, a violation of their routine and marks a lack of discipline and determination towards their studies.

  • Thus breaking the planned routine and irregularity towards it will lead you to nowhere but failure. So try to be as consistent as possible.

  • Take proper sleep every day: Being regular and working hard is good but not at the cost of your own health. Make sure you take at least 6-8 hrs, of sleep every day.

  • This will give proper rest to your mind and body. And will also allow the brain to process well.

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