Time management for CBSE students

The first thing to learn about Time Management is that time is theoretical so you can’t really manage it. What you do when you get into time management, is that you manage yourself. You decide what has to be done, when it must be done and how to do it in the stipulated time.
Remember, good time management for a student is not about creating a complex schedule that gives you account for every second of your day. It is about one simple choice: either you will control your homework, or it will control you. Good time management puts you in control. On the other hand poor time management can put you behind your schedule and hence gives a feeling of unhappiness. At times, it may even cause frustration and anxiety which may further affect your studies. To avoid this situation, it is imperative to carefully plan and monitor your time spent. When you settle to study, questions like the following will occur:
What should I begin with?
Should I start with theory or attempting problems?
It is here that careful planning of your weekly schedule and proper management of time plays an important part. Here are some principles to guide you.
• Arrange things in your study-room in such a manner that if you want a thing you can get it fast.
• Use checklists and time-tables and try to strictly adhere to them.
• It is important to list your study tasks in order of their importance. Don’t make the mistake of reading relatively easier and interesting lessons first and accumulate the difficult ones. Next, begin on the first task in the priority list and use your study time wholly to concentrate on it, until it is complete. Then move to the second, third and so on. If you are not sure of what to read, you will waste time flipping from one lesson to the other and in the end achieve nothing.
• When you have finished a study period, spend a few minutes assessing whether the period was well spent or not. If you feel you have not utilized the time well, find out the reasons and resolve to use your time efficiently.
• Keep your door closed if you do not want to be disturbed by visitors. If visitors come, stand in the doorway of your room and discuss the matter with them. Once you sit down with a friend the conversation will go on for hours. Finally get into the habit of saying “no” assertively to others, when you want to concentrate on your revision work.
• Last but not the least, while making the schedule, do not forget to include 8 hours of sleep each night and regular relaxation time. If you work too hard and over exert yourself too much, you will not be at your best when you ought to be. Rest and recreation will result in mental and physical refreshment.
Remember, most time management problems are symptoms of problems in other fundamental areas, such as preparation, goal setting, motivation, and concentration. Read and reread chapters, where all these issues have been discussed. Put the strategies into action, and you will discover most of your so-called time management problems disappearing.

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