No Practical Examination at Home Centers: CBSE

So far, the practical examinations of students appearing for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) were held at home centres, but from now on this year, plans like conducting practical exams at the external centres just like the board, theory paper is conducting.

As per the latest CBSE updates, the CBSE will bring new changes in the marking system of practical examinations, and it is likely to be held at centres where the theory examinations are conducted. Students will be given a separate admit card to enter the centre of their practical examination. Late, it has also emerged that some schools were such that there were no laboratories to conduct a practical examination. Students of such schools will be sent to other schools so that they can be present for their practicals. There will be no practical examination at such centres.

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Apart from this, it has also been made clear that students will be made to work in classes only. Students taking help from professionals in making their projects are an open secret. Keeping this in view, students will be given such practicals that can be made in the classroom and they will only be completed from now.

According to the latest reports, in most schools, the practical examination was conducted on paper only. Some schools don’t even have laboratories. The Board was getting many complaints about the conduct of practical exams in this way. Considering all these things, it has been decided to hold practical exams on the external centres as well as in the theoretical examinations.

Practicals for Humanities too

  1. This year the Board is planning to undertake practical and project work in evaluation of the humanities stream.
  2. Practicals or project work will also be introduced in subjects such as languages and social science.
  3. Apart from this, it has been said that students will be made to do project work in classes only.
  4. Students taking help from professionals in making their projects are an open secret. Keeping this in mind, students will be given practical skills that can be made in the classroom and they will be completed only from now.
  5. Moreover, students will be given a separate admit card to enter their practical examination centre.

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