No need to pay CBSE fee for Delhi government school students:

Last month Delhi government announced that the students of government schools will not be charged any fees to the Central Bureau of Secondary Education (CBSE). Well, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said this while addressing students during a function at the Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi.

All the Delhi government schools are affiliated to the CBSE as a board of education. As the Sisodia said during a felicitation ceremony, the students will no longer have to pay 1500 Rs to the education board. The announcement came after the students of Delhi government schools the minster that even as education was free, they had to pay 1500 Rs.

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“All children have access to high-quality education. Education cannot be a subject of donation. The government will pay the examination fee for the students. Soon the government will offer to coach for the NEET and JEE candidates,” said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Apart from this, in 2018 Kejriwal-led AAP government in Delhi already had made education free till class 12. Prior to that, the government schools in Delhi were given free education till class 8 and students from class 9 to 12 pay fees of Rs 20 per month. He said that the scholarship of students who score 80 per cent or more was increased to Rs 2,500.

The government organized a function for students and their parents at Thyagaraj Stadium here. Almost 1,000 students and their families were present with their teachers and principals. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the gathering congratulating the students, their teachers and parents.

The condition of government schools had worsened. On the other hand, private schools were becoming increasingly disgraceful. Kejriwal said that we had set a goal that we will make government schools adequately good for the children studying in private schools so that they can change comfortably.

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In addition, when Kejriwal-led AAP came in power, the very first his government did i.e. doubled the education budget, which is now stood at Rs 14,000 crore.

Moreover, 100 per cent scholarships will be given to students of families having an annual income less than one lakh rupees while 50 per cent scholarships will be given to students of families having an annual income between Rs 1 and 2.5 lakh. Also, 25 per cent of scholarships will be given to students of families having an annual income between Rs 2.5 and 6 lakh.

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