Keep your kids engaged during Lockdown

Kids are the Future of our Country! Outlines have changed and so should the formats of existence!

It is the best time to teach our kids the pleasure of Self-Discipline, Self-Realization and Self-Control.

To keep the future generation safe in such unpredictable circumstances and on the same time ensuring their growth and development is the biggest challenge in front of the Country and the World as a whole.

LOCKDOWN! A Necessity in times of the Pandemic!

“Stay at Home” “Home Quarantine” is the slogan of today’s time to stay safe, healthy and in existence. The Terror of COVID-19 has shaken the countries World over. Not only the present, but it has the capacity of eating away the future as well if we do not act immediately on our lifestyles.

Kids are the future of every country and the development of the kids depend on their physical and mental health. Thus it is very important for the parents and teachers to keep the children engaged in productive activities during this time of home arrest.

This is the time for reconciliation, time to re-build one self, the time to up skill and create new formats of Efficiency and Performance.

So, in order to prepare our children for the new way of life, it is essential for the mentors and the facilitators, be it the parents, family members, teachers and other supporting staff of the school to create activity plans for the students which cover both sides of their brains, left as well as right, that is, Creative as well as Academic.

In order to justify the Academic side of the brain of the children, the best way would be to involve them in Quizzes, Puzzles, Debates, Story Telling, free online tests, Role Plays and other Academic sessions. On the other hand, to justify the Creative side of the brain, the optimum way would be to include the paint brush, colors, calligraphy, music, board games, dance form, yoga, art and craft and many more such activities in the daily routine of the kids.

On the academic front teachers are playing very important roles in keeping the study path live for the students through online classes. Pandemic has blocked the routine school learning of the students which has occurred due to the restrictions applied to control the spread of the dangerous disease. This school learning is indeed very vital for preparing the kids for the challenges of life. Therefore, teachers are putting in tremendous efforts to make the online sessions interesting and interactive to keep going the journey of learning. Along with the defined course structure of subjects, teachers are including quizzes and activities in between the chapter explanations to make the online sessions livelier. Various printable assignments and printable worksheets are being created by the facilitators to make the concepts clear to the students. As, an eye to eye contact is necessary for conveying any thought or concept and teachers are not able to meet the students in person. This is where the parents are playing a vital role. Parents are working from home and ensuring that the kids are attending their online sessions regularly and completing the daily work given to them by their teachers on time. It is very important for the children to sit in the right posture, make notes and attend the online classes with alertness so that they are clear with the concepts.

During this lockdown the kids have also understood and played a vital role in the house hold cores. It is essential for the kids to understand the importance of taking part in the house hold chores and acknowledging their share of responsibility towards the family and society as a whole. Parents should encourage their children to help in cleaning and dusting of house, loading and unloading of washing machine, arranging utensils in the kitchen, basic cooking, setting up the dinner table, decorating the house, helping grandparents in their daily routine chores, etc. This will help the children to emotionally connect with the family and experience the strength of standing together as a team in all ups and downs of life. 

Everything has its pros and cons, and so does the lockdown.

If we look towards the positive side of this forced home arrest, the best part is that the kids have lots of free time for things which they wanted to do but lacked time due to the busy school schedule. We as parents need to help the children in building up new hobbies and understanding their interest which will give them the true happiness of life. You can also speak to some tutors in your area to get some ideas and also get thier services.

It is the Ultimate time to give your Children the Wings of Creativity and enjoy their Flight!

Every child is different and has his or her strength and weaknesses. According to one’s temperament creative aspects like Painting, Sketching, Instrumental Music, Classical Singing, Dance forms, Cooking, Gardening, etc., can be included in the routine to enhance the left side of the brain. In these special times, if we may say so, Hobbies can be tried tested and imbibed in the kids’ routine which can stay with them as friends for the lifetime.

The Power of Positivity” is the concept which we need to infuse in our children’s mind so that they can move forward on their growth path in a much healthy way. Staying positive keeps the hopes alive and motivates us to move forward even in the most adverse circumstances. Hope is a road, which exists but is not visible. When we walk on it, it gradually comes in existence and becomes a reality. ‘Hope’ and ‘Positivity’ has the power to finally get us out of any problem.

So Stay Positive and keep your future generation involved in productive activities which will in turn facilitate them in ultimately enriching their lives through a better lifestyle and lead them to happy and healthy living.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy and Healthy! Best Wishes!

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