IBM to Set AI Curriculum for CBSE Class IX to XII

The Central Board of Secondary Education has tied up with IBM to develop a course of Artificial Intelligence in the CBSE curriculum. Now CBSE is going to introduce Artificial Intelligence as an elective subject for class 9 to 12th. The CBSE has taken this decision to enhance education at the basic level and to prepare the students to keep speed with the IT revolution. The curriculum for the course is now being developed by the team of IBM. It will be specifically designed to create a better understanding for students at a very basic level.

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According to Gaurav Sharma, Vice President of Bharat Software Labs, IBM, Presenting the subject to school children is a different thing instead of creating the curriculum for professionals. We have a probability to make a course to give the best effect by using a design-based approach to problem-solving with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The objective of the program is to develop a professional learning community for teachers in partnership with the industry. We will make sure that it provides collaborative global project opportunities for students and recognizes learning achievements through badging and recognition.

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First, the course will be launched as a pilot project in only a few major cities. Later in the second phase, it will join the CBSE syllabus. The pilot project was launched in Delhi on Wednesday. 1000 schools were selected from Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar.

According to Biswajit Saha who is the Director of Training and Skills Education of CBSE said that the participants have to develop artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge skills and values through multimedia online resources as well as sequencing of hands-on activities and learning experiences.

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The program will be offered in three stages in the following ways:

  1. The first phase includes an orientation workshop for the principals of the participating school where the main focus will be on the importance of AI.
  2. The second phase includes a workshop for teachers, who will be trained to build the basic skills of AI.
  3. In the third and final phase, there will be an AI-enabled SEWA program for students where IBM experts will reach out to students from selected schools, making them AI-ready.

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