Class 10 Board Exams to be held

The CBSE board has announced that there is no change in the decision of conducting the CBSE board exams for the 29 subjects, which were canceled due to coronavirus crisis. So when the lockdown gets relaxed completely, the board will conduct the exams for the students, especially for CBSE class 10.

Class 10 Board Exams to be held

This reiteration came when the speculations and the confusions about conducting these postponed exams were on rounds. Other sources were claiming that the postponed exams are canceled. But this announcement from the CBSE board has proved that the other allegations were wrong.

Though the CBSE board has announced on April 1 that the exams which were canceled for subjects 29 of classes 10, 11, and 12 will be conducted in 2020 without fail, these confusions about the conducting the exams exist among the students and parents.

The board also announced that an adequate time of 10 days will be given for all the students so that they can prepare well.

The new circular has also stated that the board finds it difficult to decide about the rescheduling of the board exams. However, it also has informed that any further decision to be taken will be done by undertaking extensive consultation with the higher education authorities and also considering the aspects related to the entrance exams, admissions, dates, etc.

The circular also mentions that the board was not able to conduct the exams on the planned days mainly due to the coronavirus lockdown. In addition to this, the law and order situation in northeast Delhi, the CBSE board was not able to conduct four exams in that particular area, and also only a few students from in and around the district were not able to attend 6 exams which were conducted during this period.

The board will conduct examinations only for the main subjects that will be required for the promotion and crucial for admissions in higher educational institutions. So exams will not be conducted for the rest of the subjects.

The circular is concluded stating that if the board is in the position of conducting exams then it shall hold examinations only for the 29 subjects.

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