CBSE schools to have sports period daily for classes 1 to 12

All work and no play makes a child dull. Nowadays students have a very hectic schedule so that they cannot take out time to play games and gently start ignoring sports.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of schools to include physical education in the curriculum so that students can remain fit and active.

When it comes to curriculum CBSE has always made an effort for the overall development of the students. This time the Central Board of Education (CBSE) has come up with a major change in the curriculum of classes 1 to 12 to make the entire teaching and learning process smooth.

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To promote life skills and value education, CBSE has decided to combine health and physical education with academics. As per the new directive issued by the CBSE, all students in class 1 to 12 will now have one period of sports per day. Now games and sports will be a compulsory part of academics from class 1 to 12 leading to a well-balanced in all walks of life.

As per the reports, the syllabus will also include children with special needs. As per the CBSE circular, in many games sign language, wheelchairs etc have also been introduced so that the differently-abled students can be incorporated. Along with artificial intelligence and early childhood care, yoga has also been introduced a skill subject from the new academic session.

With the implementation of these new sports guidelines introduced by CBSE is because if a child can do well in certain they will be provided with focused training too. As per the CBSE rules, In case of absence of specialized sports teacher, it’s the class teacher duty to ensure that each student participates in some kind of physical activity.

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Now there would be no theory classes and the syllabus will be divided into four strands. The strand one consists of the following activities i.e. athletics, team games, individual games and adventure sports. At least one activity has to take by each student from strand one. Well, students can also change their respective activity throughout the year. The whole class will also have to participate in group activities.

The strand two consists of health and fitness while strand three is for Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action (SEWA) and strand four is for health and activity card (for the record). The strand one will carry 50 marks while the strand two and three will have the least weightage of only 25 marks each out of 100. Besides this, there will be no marks for strand four.

Prior, this year CBSE has also declared to make arts compulsory for all classes 1 o 12. The board has been also instructed every school to compulsorily reserve a minimum of two periods per week, per class, for art education. All the four main streams belong to arts like music, dance, visual arts and theatre should be included in this period.

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