CBSE Online Training for Teachers 2020

It is clear that this pandemic has utterly disrupted an education system that many assert was already losing its relevance. Enhancing professional development digitally is a need in the times of COVID-19, where social distancing and remote interactions is the new normal. Technology enabled teacher development programs/training can take a very wide variety of forms, with concomitant advantages of convenience, scalability, and adaptability. Accordingly CBSE conceptualized Technology enabled Teachers training on pilot basis from 3rd week of April, 2020 and conducted 500+ free-online training sessions by 15 CBSE–COEs. More than 35,000 Teachers and Principals from various parts of the country and abroad participated in these programs.

Considering the overwhelming responses from the both participant faculty members and resource persons, Board has decided to launch structured Online Teacher Training programs to achieve following three fold objectives:

1. Enable teachers to teach better and lead improved learning outcomes.

2. Continuously instill new knowledge and skills as per the demand so as to keep them at par with what is expected

3. Help teachers revise and refresh the knowledge that has already been provided to them in their regular training and make it more crisp and practical

Each Online Training session will be for one hour duration; there will be no participation fee; e-certificate shall be issued to the participants; attending five sessions may be considered as one day of training as per Affiliation Byelaw. CoE-wise Detailed Training schedule for the month of May 2020 is available at annexure-1 along with the participation guidelines. Around 1200 online sessions are planned by the CoEs in this month. Therefore, Schools are requested to encourage their teachers to participate in the ongoing online training programmes being conducted by COEs and contact concerned CoE (Contact details of CoEs may be seen at Annexure -2). Foreign Schools affiliated to CBSE may contact Joint Secretary (Training)

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