CBSE asks schools to load Class 12 Internal Assessment Marks

This has a reference to the letter no CBSE/COORD/2021 dated 11.02.2021 regarding conduct of the School-Based Assessment (Internal Assessment/Practical/ Project) of Class-XII and uploading the marks by 11.06.2021. It has been observed that some schools have not been able to complete the school-based assessments in various subjects due to the pandemic. Thus, the schools with pending Practical's /Internal Assessments are permitted to conduct the same now in only online mode and upload marks on the provided link latest by 28.06.2021 by strictly adhering the following:

1. The list of subjects and the breakup of marks for Theory and Practical/Project/Internal Assessment, duration of examinations and whether Externa!'Examiner will be appointed by CBSE or not is available at Framework and Significant Guidelines in the context of the Secondary and the Senior School Certificate Examinations- 2020-21.

2. In subjects where an external examiner has not been appointed, the concerned school teacher of the subject will conduct the internal assessment based on the instructions given in Curriculum in an online mode and upload the marks awarded at the link provided by the Board.

3. For the conduct of a Practical Exam or Project evaluation where External Examiners are appointed by CBSE, the external examiner will decide the date of examination in consultation with internal examiners and take Viva Voce through online mode.

4. Internal examiner will share the date of examination with students preferably well in advance and on the day of the exam, share the link of the online meeting with the External Examiner and students. The conduct of the assessment will be as per the norms given in the curriculum.

5. Immediately on completion of the conduct of examination, the marks will be uploaded on the link provided by the Board. While uploading marks, it will be ensured that correct marks are uploaded as no correction in the marks once uploaded will be allowed subsequently. Both the Examiners should keep in mind that the marks allotted should not bunch towards the maximum marks which is highly unlikely in view of diverse levels of students.

6. Internal Examiners will take an on-screen photograph of each student during viva voce and for school records. This photograph should have the picture of the Internal Examiner, External Examiner and the student or recording of entire session could be kept. However, the policy of uploading the group photo has been suspended due to pandemic.

7. Schools should strictly follow all the Covid protocols while conducting School-Based Assessment.

8. Teachers appointed as External Examiners shall accept the duty and complete the assignment within the extended timelines.

9. No extension of the last date for uploading marks which is 28.06.2021 will be done. Thus, schools are advised to complete all evaluation well before June 28 and upload the marks meticulously.

10. The policy for conduct of Practical/Project/Internal Assessment component for Private Candidates registered for 2021 Class XII exams will be declared soon.

11. Rest of the conditions will remain the same as communicated in the earlier notification dated 11.02.2021.

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