CBSE Class 8 Science Reproduction in Animals Assignment Set F

CBSE Class 8 Science - Reproduction in Animals (6)

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I. Tick the correct option:-

1. Internal fertilization occurs

(a)in female body (b)outside female body

(c)in male body (d) outside male body

Ans- (a)in female body

2. A tadpole develops into an adult by the process of

(a)fertilization (b)metamorphosis

(c)embedding (d)budding

Ans- (b)metamorphosis

3. The number of nuclei in the zygote is

(a)none (b)one (c)two (d)four


II. Fill in the blanks:-

1. Puberty is the state of onset of sexual maturity in human beings.

2. Reproduction is very important for continuation of a species.

3. The zygote repeatedly divides to form an embryo.


1. Explain the following terms:-

(a) Reproduction- The process of giving rise to new organisms of the same species.

(b) Fertilization-The fusion of male & female gametes.

(c) Zygote- The single-celled structure formed on the fusion of male & female gametes.

(d) Metamorphosis- The gradual transformation of an organism from one form to another

during its life cycle

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