CBSE Class 12 Physical Education (2)

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CBSE Class 12 Physical Education (2)

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Q1. What do you mean by coupling ability?

Q2 What is explosive strength?

Q3 Enlist the types of components of physical fitness?

Q4 In which year the Iso-kinetic exercises were developed and by whom?

Q5 What is locomotor ability?

Q6 What do you mean by “Speed Play” method?

Q7 What are pace races?


Q1 What do you mean by short term and long term endurance?

Q2 State continuous training method in brief?

Q3 Distinguish between Acceleration Run and Pace Run in brief?

Q4 Briefly explain the guidelines to develop flexibility?

Q5 Explain the procedure of PNF technique?


Q1 Discuss any three types of coordinative abilities?

Q2 Discuss the method to develop endurance “which is base on the principle of effort recovery and effort again”?

Q3 Explain Ballistic stretch and Static stretch of flexibility?


Q1 Define strength and discuss the method of improving strength in details?

Q2 Enlist the method of training to develop physical fitness and explain any two of them in details

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