CBSE Class 9 English Revision Assignment

CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Revision - Listening Comprehension. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


· A notice is a piece of information regarding an important event that is about to happen or that

has happened. It is publicly displayed---a kind of information for others to know and follow.

Listed below are few points that should be kept in mind while writing a notice

1. Put the notice in a box

2. Name of the issuing authority/organization

3. Date

4. Subject of the notice

The message with essential details

Date ,time ,venue

Extra information

Signature of person issuing the notice

Name of person issuing the notice

Designation of the person issuing the notice


Q. You are Mansi/ Manav Gupta, head girl/boy of St.Marrys school. Your school is organizing

remedial classes for students of classes V to XII, “revise” after school hours from first August.

All students who have secured less than 60%marks in the first terminal examination in any

subject must attend the classes. Classes will be held from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Lunch will also

be provided to the students on request. Write a notice for the school notice board informing the

students about the “Revise”. Do not exceed 50 words. Put the notice in a box.


A message is a short, informal piece of writing conveying the information to a person for whom the

information was intended but who was not at hand to receive the information.

1. Give the heading as ‘MESSAGE’

2. The heading should be followed by date and time.

3. Keep the salutation and signature short.

4. The message should be crisp, concise and provide all the relevant information.

5. Don’t write any additional information that is not given in the conversation.

6. The concluding part of the message should have the name of the person who is writing the message.


The following is a telephonic conversation between Mrs. Leena and Shriya. Identify the name of the

person to whom the message needs to be written. Word limit 80 words

MRS LEENA:Hello, can I speak to Shalini?

SHRIYA: Sorry, she is not at home at the moment .I am her daughter, Shriya speaking. Can I take the

message please?

MRS LEENA: Sure! We got a circular at school today saying that there is a staff meeting at 8 AM

tomorrow and all the teachers are expected to be presently in the staff room on time so that we finish

the meeting before the school assembly, Since she had not come to school, I thought I would call her

up and inform her.

SHRIYA: Sure, I would inform her without fail.MRS LEENA: Thank you Shriya. Bye.

St. Mary’s school

June 30,2016 NOTICE

REVISE-Remedial Classes for weak students

Compulsory remedial classes “Revise” for those students of classes V to XII who

have secured less than 60% marks in the first terminal examination will be organized

from first August 2016 after school hours from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Lunch will be

provided on request. For further details contact the undersigned:

Mansi Gupta

Head Girl


June 30,2016 07:30 PM


Your colleague, Mrs .Leena called up to inform that you need to be present at the staff room sharp at 8 AM

tomorrow for a meeting that is scheduled to be completed before the school assembly.



Q1.Your school has decided to introduce Mass Media Studies as a subject under the vocational

stream. This is going to help students who want to pursue a career in films, its production and

other attached fields, Write a notice for your school board informing all students who are

studying in class X regarding the course.

Q2. Mr. Rajan, the English tuition teacher of Paul, has a message for him. Paul’s brother, David,

attends the call but is in a hurry to leave to the railway station to pick up his uncle, He leaves a

note to his brother, based on the conversation below, write the message that David has to

convey to his brother.

Mr. Rajan: Hello, I am Paul’s Tuition teacher speaking. I need to convey an urgent message to him.

Can I please speak to Paul, please?

David: Sir he is not at home at the moment .He may be back after an hour. I am his brother, David.

Could you please let me know what the message is?

Mr. Rajan: I need to leave to Chennai this Saturday morning. I have re-scheduled the session to

tomorrow morning 7 am. Please ask him to be prepared for a revision test and also ask him to carry his

literature reader book to the class without fail.

David: Sure sir. I will pass on this message to him.

Mr .Rajan: Thank you David, Bye.


The important aspects while writing a story are:


Plot--------It has six essential parts (Exposition ,conflict, rising action, climax, falling

action, resolution)



Mood and setting

Point of view(the angle from which the story is told)


Q. Sometimes I feel my friend has supernatural powers. Last night when I was chatting with


Complete the story in 150-200words. Give a suitable title to your story.



Complete the following paragraph by filling the blanks with a verb in the

appropriate tense.

Notebook Drive, that(1)____________as a local charitable initiative of the IISC a couple of years

back,(2)__________its wings across the country through the programme, students provide notebooks,

stationery, etc to poor students and (3)__________drop outs in primary schools. Two IISC students

who (4)_________in Pune and Haryana, have(5)__________this idea in their places of work. One of

them said that it(6)____________the desire to help the needy that (7)___________him start the drive

in his place of work. He added that when he went to Pune, he (8)_________that something was

missing. Problem he (9)___________there was finding like –mind it people. He said that he had found

three people and together they(10)_________Notebook Drive.

Complete the following passage using the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets:

When I reach home, my dog (a)_________(sit) at the door, waiting for me. I (b) _______(carry)

something for him to eat. My poor dog ,I am (c) _________ (give) him a nice treat. He

(d)_________(remember) for days to come .Well, my bus (e)_________(be)about to arrive in another

ten minutes .It (f)_______(take) me only five minutes to pick up some meat from the store.


Determiners are words that precede and modify nouns. Determiners include:

1. Articles- A, An, The

2. Quantifiers- many, a few, a little, plenty, some etc

3. Demonstratives- this , that, those, these etc

4. Possessives- my, mine, her, his etc


Fill in the blanks using suitable determiners.

1. They say____________ knowledge is a bad thing.

2. _________people know as much about computers as Subash does.

3. It seems to me that we have had.______ assignments in English this term.

4.______________ of the anger you experience can be attributed to being overworked.

5. ____________dog has been with ________________man for__________ thousands of years.

6. Here are __________ few good manners for those who use telephone.

7. When I was going for a walk, I heard ________one shriek.

8. National parks play _________important part in ______________economic life of the people.


1. Explain the difference between Education & Literacy with reference to “How I taught my

Grandmother to read”

2. Explain the statement “student had passed with flying colors” .

3. How do we know that her grandparent’s village was very remote?

4. Give examples that justify the fact that the grandmother was a good student.

5. What was the motivation behind the grandmother’s decision to learn the Kannada

alphabet even in her old age?

6. Explain in brief the message that the poet wants to convey while describing the brook’s


7. How does the poet use the brook to draw a parallel with the life of the man?

8. Explain the lines “For men may come and men may go but I go on forever”

9. Describe the various things a brook travels past to join the river.

10. Explain refrain, onomatopoeia and symbolism with examples from the poem “The



1. List the amazing qualities of people of Lilliput.

2. Why Gulliver does not fight and escape from Lilliput although he can do so easily on

his own strength? What is your opinion?

3. The diversions described in the chapter are very innovative, unusual and daring fot

Lilliputians who are just six inches tall. Discuss

4. Who is awarded the title of Nardac in Lilliput? Why is the person given the title by

Lilliput emperor?

5. What makes the script of language unique? Explain.

6. In the country of giants, Gulliver often recalls his days in Lilliput. Why does he

remember the tiny people? In what away his thoughts reflect upon human nature?

7. How does Gulliver deal with the troublesome insects(flies/wasps)in the king’s court?


CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Revision



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