CBSE Class 5 English Noun Assignment Set B

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Topic: Nouns

Q1. Identify the nouns in the following sentences and write whether they are

common, proper, collective or abstract.

a. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a great scientist.


b. A herd of cattle broke the fence.


c. A crowd of people had gathered outside the president’s office.


d. Rajat’s bravery has won him this award.


Q2. Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns.

a. My friend kept all her photos in an ________________.

b. The _____________of robbers committed a bank robbery.

c. An ___________of ants attacked the the hunter.

d. A_____________ of sheep grazed in the open field.

e. We saw a _______________ of grapes hanging from the grape vine.

f. We presented a ___________________of flowers to our new teacher.

g. I have lost a ___________________of keys.

h. There is a large _________________ of fish near the coast.

i. Do not disturb that _______________ of bees.

Q3. Identify and write the abstract noun from each sentence below.

a. He was filled with fear when he saw the lion.


b. We should speak the truth.


c. You need courage if you want to climb Mount Everest.


d. It was a pleasure to meet your teacher.


e. I haven't given up hope.


f. You have lost my trust.


Q4. Following is the list of instruments. Match them with the person who uses them.

1. stethoscope tailor

2. needle thread carpenter

3. axe policeman

4. hammer doctor

5. broom sweeper

6. handcuffs woodcutter

Q5. Frame meaningful sentence using following nouns:

a. pillow



b. book________________________________________________________________



c. furniture_____________________________________________________________



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