CBSE Class 11 Economics Current Challenges Facing Indian Economy Assignment

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- Points to Remember

- Environment is defined as the total planetary inheritance and the totality of all resources. It includes all the biotic and abiotic elements that influence each other.

- All living elements - the birds, animals and plants, forests, fisheries etc - are biotic elements.

- Abiotic elements of the environment include non-living elements like air, water, land, rocks and sunlight etc.

- Functions of the Environment :

i) Environment supplies resources (both renewable and nonrenewable resources) for production.

ii) Environment assimilates waste.

iii) Environment sustains life.

iv) Environment enchances quality of life.

- The environment is able to perform these functions whitout any interruption as long as demand on these functions is within its carrying capacity.

- Carrying capacity implies two things :-

i) Resource extraction should remain below the rate of resource regeneration.

ii) Generation of wastes should remain within the absorption capactity of the environment.

If these two conditions are not fulfilled, then environmental crises occurs.

- Absorptive capacity of the environment means the ability of the environment to absorb degradation.

- The various reasons for environmental crisis are as under :-

i) Population explosion and advent of industrial revolution.

ii) The intensive and extensive extraction of both renewable and nonrenewable resources.

iii) The affluent consumption and production standards of developed countries.

- Renewable resources are those which can be used without the possibility of the resource becoming depleted or exhausted. That
is, a continuous supply of resource remains available for e.g. trees in forest and the fishes in the oceans.

- Non renewable resources are those which get exhausted with extraction and use. For e.g. fossil fuel.

- Two basic problems related to environment are :

i) Problem of pollution.

ii) Problem of excessive exploitation of natural resources, or degradation of natural resources.

- Pollution is contamination of useful things such as air, water, land etc. with undesirable or harmful materials like foul gases, smoke,
poisonous chemicals, etc.

- The major forms of pollution are as follows :

i) Air pollution

ii) Water Pollution

iii) Noise Pollution

iv) Land Pollution

- Global warming is a gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth’s lower atmosphere and oceans.


1. Define environment.

2. Give two examples of biotic elements of environment.

3. What do you mean by carrying capacity of environment?

4. Give the meaning of renewable resources.

5. What do you mean by non-renewable resources?

6. What happens when the rate of resource extraction exceeds that of their regeneration?

7. Give the meaning of absorptive capacity of the environment.

8. Why have some resources become extinct?

9. What is global warming?

10. Give two examples of overuse of resources


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