CBSE Class 8 SST Worksheet - Rural Life and Society

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Rural Life and Society

1. The Indian ______________________ were self sufficient units.

2. The permanent settlement was introduced by ________________________.

3. The Ryotwari system was introduced in the Madras and ___________________presidencies.

4. Under ryotwari system the __________________ was recoganised as the owner of the land.

5. The Faraizi movement was led by _______________________.

6. The Faraizi sect was founded by __________________________.

7. The Indigo revolt was an uprising against the _____________________.

8. The ____________________ rebellion was led by Sidhu and Kanhu.

9. The leader of Wahabi movement was __________________________.

Rural Life and Society

1. In India, villages were __________________________ units.

2. Under permanent settlement the ______________________ was made the owner of the land.

3. The peasants were forced to pay __________________ apart from land revenue.

4. The money lender __________________the peasants land and changed a high rate of interest.

5. The first major revolt broke out after British conquest of Bengal was led by Sanyasis and _______________

6. Didu Main united the cultivators against the tyranny of __________________

7. The ______________________ movement was led by Sidhu and Kanhu

8. It was the efforts of ______________________ that finally gave relief to the indigo farmers of Champaran.

9. The British depended on the _____________________ from agriculture to fight their wars, pay their officials etc.

10. The indigo revolt stated from ___________________________

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