CBSE Class 6 Worksheet - Sorting Materials Into Groups

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Sorting Materials Into Groups

Fill in the blanks

1. Objects are made up of large variety of ________________.

2. Tumblers are made with materials that can hold ___________________.

3. Materials that have lustre are usually called as ____________________.

4. Three examples of metals are ____________,_____________& ________________.

5. The gas which can dissolve in water is _________________.

6. Materials are grouped together on the basis of _____ and _________ in their properties.

7. Some metals lose their shine and often look dull because of the action of ______ and ________________ on them.

8. Based upon transparency, materials can be grouped as ______, _____ and ____________.

Name the following:

1. Two liquids soluble in water

2. Two liquids insoluble in water

3. Two transparent objects

4. Two translucent objects

5. Two opaque objects

6. Two solids soluble in water

Write true or false :

1. Stones and nails float on water.

2. Cotton is soft while iron is hard.

3. We choose a material to make an object depending on its properties and the purpose for usage.

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