CBSE Class 12 Geography Human Settlements

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Settlement -Cluster ofdwellings of anytypeor sizewherehumanbeings live. Theyvaryin sizefrom

hamlet to metropolitan cities, theymaybesmall and large closed orspaced, and they may practice




1. Primaryoccupation other than primary

2. Provide raw material process the raw material

3. Produce food provide services

4. Low income high income

5. Low density high density

6. Spaced clustered



1. Compact and closelybuilt houses

2. Living area is different from surrounding farms

3. Recognizable pattern

4. Different shapes such as geometric rectangular, radial, linear,

5. Sometimes defense maycause shape of the settlement

6. Availability of water also decides the shape


1. Formed due to result from tendencyof clustered in restricted area of dispersed settlement

2. Segregation of large settlement may also cause

3. Some people may be forced to live separately from the main village

4. Dominance group live in the center of the village

5. People of lower strata live in out skirt of the village


1. Physically separate dand located in different place having common name

2. They are locally called panna, parapalli, nagla, dhani

3. They are motivated by social and ethnic factors

4. Found mostly in middle and lower Ganga valley



1. They are isolated huts or hamlets

2. Located on hills or agricultural lands

3. It is dueto nature of terrain, and land resource, water

4. Found in Meghalaya, Uttaranchal, HP, and Kerala


1. Compact and largein size

2. Non Agriculture, eco, admin activities

3. Exchange of goods and services

4. Directly linked with rural settlements



1. Developed as religious and cultural towns.

2. Over 2000 years old

3. Patna, Varanasi, Madurai, are examples


1. They are the headquarters of kingdoms

2. There are more than 100 towns

3. They are fort towns developed over ruinedforts

4. Delhi, Hydrabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Agra & Nagpur


1. They are developed by British and other Europeans

2. Generally located on the coast

3. They were forts constructed by Europeans

4. Ex. Surat, Goa, Pondicherry, Mumabi, Madras, Calcutta


1. Administrative towns: All capitals of states with national capital

2. Industrial towns: Mumbai. Salem, Coimbatore Modinagar, Jamshedpur

3. Transport towns: Kandla Cochin, vizag

4. Commercial towns: Satna Kolkata

5. Mining towns: Digboi, Ranigunj, Jharia

6. Garrison cantonment towns: Ambala, Mhow. Jalandhar

7. Educational towns: Pilani,Aligarh, Varanasi


8. Religious cultural towns:Amritsar, Varanasi, Tirupati

9. Tourist towns: Shimla, Mussori, Nainital

Very short answer question (1mark each)

1. What is the main activity in rural settlements?

Ans: PrimaryActivities

2. Which types of settlements are found in the Northern Plains

Ans: Clustered

3. When did evolution of town started in India?

Ans: In pre historic times – Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in Indus valley

4. Name the local names of hamleted settlement

Ans: Panna, para, palli,Nagla, Dhani

5. Name the satellite towns around Delhi.

Ans: Ghaziabad, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Faridabad

6. Name the Metropolitan city of Bihar

Ans: Patna

7. How many Mega Cities are there in India?

Ans: 6

Short answer question ( 3 marks each)

8. Name the types of rural settlements.What are the factors responsible for the settlement

patterns in different physical environment?

Ans: 1. Clustered settlements.

2. Semi clustered settlements

3. Helmeted settlements

4. Dispersed Settlements

Factors affecting patterns of rural settlements on:

a) Nature of Terrain

b) Altitude

c) climate

d) Availability of water


9. Distinguish between rural and urban settlements.

Ans: Rural Settlement:

1. Primary activities are main occupation in these settlements and 75% population is

engaged in primary occupation.

2. Population sizes are is low in these settlements.

3. Rural people are less dynamic and social relations are deep.

Urban settlement:

1. Non agricultural work is the main occupation in these settlements and 75%

population is engaged in these activities.

2. Population Size is large in these settlements

3. Urban people are dynamic and their social relations are formal and complex.

Long answer question (5 marks each)

10. Write three differences between clustered and dispersed settlement of India.

Ans: Clustered Settlement:

1. These settlements are found in fertile plains.

2. Houses are close to each other and their size is small.

3. Sometime people live in compact villages due to security or defense reasons

Dispersed settlement:

1. These are found in hilly regions or desert areas.

2. Settlements are neat and clean with drainage arrangements.

3. Houses are big and are located at gaps.

11. Classify Town and cities on the basis of population size.

Ans: 1. Population is more than one lakh is called a city.

2. Population is less than one lakh is called town.

3. Cities accommodating population between one to five million are called metropolitan


4. Population more than five millions are mega cities.

12. Discuss the factors that determine the type of rural settlement.

Ans. 1) Physical factor: relief, altitude, drainage, water table, climate and soil play an

important role in determining the type of settlement.

2) Cultural Factor: ethnic and cultural factor such as tribal, caste, or communal

identity is also important in determining the layout of rural settlement.

3) Historical factor: the villagers preferred to live in compact settlement in order to

defend against the invaders.

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