CBSE Class 12 Geography Human Settelements

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Human Settelements. Students can download these worksheets and practice them. This will help them to get better marks in examinations. Also refer to other worksheets for the same chapter and other subjects too. Use them for better understanding of the subjects.


Classification ofsettlements

1. Rural settlements

2. Urbansettlements

Patterns of settlements

1. Compact or nucleated settlements

2. Dispersed settlements



1. Watersupply

2. Land

3. Upland,

4. Building material

5. Defense


1. Constructed bygovernment

2. Provideshelter, water anddrainagefacilities

3. Provideinfrastructure facilities

4. ex .Villagization in Ethiopia, Rajasthan canal in India



1. Plain village, 2.plateau villages, 3. Coastal villages, 4. Forest villages, 5. Desert villages


1. Farming, 2 fisherman villages, 3.lumberjack villages, 4. Pastoral villages


1. Linear, 2. Rectangular, 3. Circular, 4. Star-shaped, 5. T-shaped, 6. Double Village,

7. Cross shaped Village


1. Lack of infrastructure

2. Supply of water

3. Road facility


4. Waterbornediseases

5. Drought and flood

6. Absence of toilet and garbagedisposal

7: lack of ventilation

8. Lack of health facilities and education

9. Administrative town

10. Commercial towns


1. Linear,

2. square

3. Crescent



 TOWN:enlarged villages manufacturing, retail,wholesale, professional services

 CITY: it is a leading town, greater number offunctions, transport terminals, major

financialinstitutions, and regional administrativeoffices

 CONURBATION: coined byPATRICK GEDDES in 1915. Merging number oftowns / cities

ex.London,Manchester, Chicago, Tokyo

 MEGOLOPOLIS USED BYJean Guttmann: super metropolitan region it is a union of

conurbationsex Boston toWashingtonMillion cities:London is the first town to reach onemillion

in 1800 followed byParis in 1850, NewYork 1860, 1950 therewere 80cities 438 in 2005

 DISTRIBUTION OF MEGA CITIES Population More than 10 million, New York is the

first to attain this status in 1950 with population 12.5 million.

There are 25 mega cities at present.


1. Unsustainable concentration ofpopulation

2. Congested housing and streets

3. Lack of drinking water

4. Lack ofelectricity, sewagedisposal health and education facilities

5. Lack of transport facilities

6. Health and education facilities

7. Water and air pollution




1. Decreasing employment

2. Poor of semiskilled labour

3. Saturated employment opportunities


1. Lack of health and educational facilities,

2. Transport facilities

3. Unbalanced sexratio,

4. Social ills,

5. Insufficientfinancial Resources,

6. Lack of basic needs

One marks question

Q1. Name three factors on the basis of which the villages are separated from towns.

Ans. Size of population, economic and administrative basis.

Q2. Which was the first million city in the world?

Ans. London

Q3. Name the country with 100%urban population.

Ans. Singapore

Three marks question

Q1. What is a healthy city? Explain its basic features.

Ans. World Health Organization suggests that a healthy city must have

 A clean and safe environment

 Meets the basic needs of all its inhabitants.

 Involves the community in local government.

 Provides easily accessible Health Service

Q2. Classify rural settlements pattern on the basis of forms or shapes.

Ans. 1. Linear pattern

2. Rectangular pattern

3. Circular pattern

4. Star like pattern

5. Cross shapedpattern


Q3. Write a note on Addis Ababa.

Ans. Addis-NewandAbaba-Flower . This capital city of Ethiopia is often called the New flower.It

was established in 1878 . It is located on a hill valley topography . Anew airport known as

Bole airport has also been constructed. This multi –functional city is located in the centre of

Ethiopia and grown rapidly in the recent past.

Five marks question

Q1. What are the problems of rural settlement in developing countries?

Ans (1) Poorly equipped with infrastructure

(2) Inadequate water supply

(3) General absence of toilets and Garbage disposal facilities.

(4) The house made up of mud, wood and thatch remains susceptible to damage during

natural calamities.

(5) Lack of proper ventilation

(6) Unmetalled roads and lack of modern communication network.

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