CBSE Class 9 Economics Worksheet - Food Security in India

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CBSE Class 9 Economics Worksheet - Food Security in India - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.

Class IX Subject: Economics

Chapter 4 Food Security in India


(i) FCI stands for:

  (a) Fuel co-operative of Institute (b) Food corporation of India

  (c) Food collection in India (d) First collective investment

(ii) Revamped Public Distribution system was launched in the year:

  (a) 2000 (b) 2001 (c) 1999 (d) 1992

(i) Malnutrition is a state of:

  (a) Not having proper supply of milk

  (b) Not having enough food or not getting nutritious food

  (c) Not having enough medicines

  (d) Not having enough clean drinking water to drink

(ii) Which one of the following is not covered under the PDS ?

  (a) Wheat (b)Sugar (c) Kerosene (d) Vegetable

1. Explain the following terms: Food security, Famine, Wheat Revolution, Buffer stock, Minimum support price, Issue price, Public Distribution System, Subsidy.

2. In which recent year was food grain stock with the government the maximum?

3. How does World Food Summit define food security?

4. How is food security ensured in a country?

5. How does a calamity affect food security?

6. Which areas in India lack food security?

7. What was the biggest achievement of the Green Revolution?

8. What are the three kinds of ration cards issued in India?

9. On what grounds is PDS criticised?

10. How does rising minimum support price affect food security?

11. Differentiate between seasonal hunger and chronic hunger?

12. Trace the growth of food grain production in India since independence.

13. How does PDS ensure food security in India?

14. What are the problems in the functioning of ration shops?

15. What is the role of co-operatives in providing food security in India?

16. How has PDS been renewed by the Indian Government to improve and ensure food security?

17. Discuss briefly the three important food intervention programmes introduced by the Indian Government.

18. Write a note on success of Academy of Development Science (ADS) in innovative food security intervention.

19. Which are the groups worst affected by food and nutrition insecurity?

20. What factors have led to the decline of the PDS?

21. Write in brief about two special schemes launched in year 2000 by government of India to ensure food security?

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