CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (7)

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CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (7)

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General Instructions:

 Manage your work in such a way that a little work is done

every day to avoid piling it for the last moment.

 The work should be done in neat hand writing.

 Holiday Homework will be assessed for FA2 and must be submitted immediately after the

summer break.

 Revise the syllabus covered before vacation.


Read Gulliver’s Travels (part 1 and 2) and answer the questions that follow:

1. How did Gulliver reach Lilliput?

2. How did he help the king of Lilliput?

3. Write a character sketch of the protagonist/ the emperor.

4. Describe the way Gulliver was fed by the Lilliputians.

Present your work creatively, with an illustration as your cover page.


1) Make a Disaster Management Project on one of the following topics.

Roll No. 1 to 11 - Topics

Natural Disaster – Earthquake, Landslides, Floods, Droughts and

Cyclones. (Any 2 disasters)

Roll No. 12 and onwards - Topics

Manmade Disaster – Fire, Rail or Road or Air Accident, Terrorist attacks and Epidemics. (Any

2 disasters)

 Give meaning, description, causes, harmful effects, mitigation strategies

and recent happenings

 Project must be supported with newspaper clipping, collage work, internet

material, magazine articles and photographs.

 The project must include page of contents, introduction, and bibliography.

 Project should have 15 – 17 pages and it should be HAND MADE.

2) Read L1 of Political Science -Democracy In The Contemporary World.

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