CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (6)

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CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (6)

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Know Your Country India

A Project

1. Acknowledgement(page-1)

2. Index(page-2)

3. India’s Location (Longitudinal) (page-3)

4. India’s physical features (with maps) (page-4,5,6)

· Northern mountains

· Northern plains

· Peninsular plateau

· Coastal plains

· The Thar

· Island groups

6. Importance of physical features (page-7)

7. Bibliography (page-8)

B . Prepare a PPT

“Influence of each physical feature on Indian Economy.”


1. Write a short biography of any one of the revolutionary figures (philosopher) you have

read about in French Revolution.

2. Write a letter to Stalin explaining your objections to collectivization. What do you think

would be Stalin’s response to such a farmer?

3. Watch DVD’s of films depicting the condition of the Jews under the regime of Hitler(e.g

The Schindler’s list)

4. Make a table of important events with dates for ‘The French Revolution’ and ‘The

Russian Revolution’.

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