CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (4)

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CBSE Class 9 Revision Worksheets (4)

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Read any one of the following books during summer break:

1. To Sir With Love-E.R. Braithwaite

2. Nemesis-Agatha Christie

For ‘Nemesis’ or ‘To Sir with Love’:

Having read the book, do the following activities:

 Prepare a Book Club Weekly magazine that includes the following:

i) Book review (Critics corner)

ii) Interview the main character of the story

iii) As a news paper reporter, write a report on any scene from the book as if it were a real life incident

iv) Write a plot for a sequel to the book


o Give your Book Club a name

o Give a title to your weekly magazine

o Design an illustrative cover

o Include a column for the President of the Book Club through which he/she can address the readers and declare your chosen book as the book of the week.

o Make a table of contents

o You may add some fun activities like crosswords, sudoku, jumbled words, etc.

o The book review must be able to persuade the reader of the weekly to read the book, it must include:

a. Name of novel, author and publisher(s).

b. Price and number of pages.

c. Type of novel – fiction/non-fiction-historical/romantic/classic/adventure/horror

d. The plot – realistic, simple, action-packed

e. Style – easy, heavy, fast, slow

f. Content

g. Characters – their relevance in the story

h. Overall effect and appeal

i. Message or moral conveyed

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