CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2013-2014

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Class XII: Themes in Indian History


1. The Story of the First Cities: Harappan  Archaeology.

Broad overview: Early urban centres. 

Story of discovery: Harappan civilization

Excerpt: Archaeological report on a major site.

Discussion: how it has been utilized by archaeologists/historians.

2. Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story.

Broad overview: Political and economic history from the Mauryan to the Gupta period. 

Story of discovery: Inscriptions and the decipherment of the script. Shifts in the understanding of political and economic history.

Excerpt: Asokan inscription and Gupta period land grant.

Discussion: Interpretation of inscriptions by  historians. 

3. Social Histories: Using the Mahabharata

Broad overview: Issues in social history, including caste, class, kinship and gender. 

Story of discovery: Transmission and  publications of the Mahabharat. 

Excerpt: from the Mahabharata, illustrating  how it has been used by historians.

Discussion: Other sources for reconstructing social history.

4. A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa 

Broad overview: 

(a) A brief review of religious  histories of Vedic religion, Jainism, Vaisnavism, Saivism.

(b) Focus on Buddhism. 

Story of discovery: Sanchi stupa 

Excerpt: Reproduction of sculptures from  Sanchi

Discussion: Ways in which sculpture has been interpreted by historians, other sources for reconstructing the history of Buddhism.

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