NCERT Solutions Class 7 Social Science Civics How the State Government Works

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Civics Chapter 3 How the State Government Works


1. Use the  terms 'constituency' and  'represent' to explain who  an MLA is and  how  is the  person elected?


MLA is a member of the legislative assembly who represents people and also forms  the government. (i)  Each state  has a legislative assembly.

(ii)  Each state  is divided  into  different areas or constituencies.

(iii)  From each constituency, people  elect  one representative who then  becomes  a Member  of the Legislative Assembly  (MLA).

(iv)  MLA is elected  by people  who contest  in an election by voting.


2. How  did some  MLAs become Ministers? Explain.


(i)  After  the elections, a political party  whose MLAs have won more  than  half the number of constituencies in a state  becomes  the ruling  party.

(ii)  The MLAs belonging to the  ruling  party  elect  their leader  who later  becomes  the chief  minister.

(iii)  The chief minister then  selects other  people  as his ministers.

(iv)  The Governor  of the state  then  appoints the chief minister and other  ministers.


3. Why  should  decisions taken by the  Chief  Minister and other ministers be debated in the  Legislative Assembly?


(i) In a democratic government, participation is important from  each and every  section  of the  society.

(ii)  Thus, whatever decisions  are being taken, have to be approved by the members of the  legislative assembly. (iii)These members then  ask questions, debate  an important issue, decide  where  money  should  be spent, etc.

(iv)  After  that, they  have the  main authority to finalize any decision.


4. What was  the  problem in Patalpuram? What discussion/action was  taken by the  following? Fill in the  table.

Public meeting

Legislative Assembly

Press conference

Chief Minister


Main problem  in Patalpuram:

(i)  Lack of proper  sanitation and hygiene.

(ii)  Scarcity  of clean drinking water.

(iii)  No proper  medical  facilities.

(iv)  Spread  of diarrhea

Discussion/action was taken by the following:

Public meeting: Demand  for the improvement of healthcare and sanitation facilities from  the  officials.

Legislative Assembly:  Intend to supply  drinking water  to every  village  through tanker trucks  and also explained the steps the government had taken.  Collection  of garbage.

Press conference: Organized  by the health  minister. Newspapers  and media  widely  discussed  the issue and prompted the government to hold a press conference.

Chief Minister: Visited  Patalpuram district. He went to visit  the families who had lost their  relatives and also visited  people  in the  hospitals. Promised  funds for the works and also planned  to start  a campaign to create awareness.

5. What is the  difference between the  work that MLAs do in the  Assembly and the  work done  by government departments?


(i)  Act of making laws on certain issues is done by MLAs in the Legislative Assembly  of each state  while the implementation of these  laws is done by various government departments.

(ii)  Whatever work  is done by these government departments has to be approved by the  members of the legislative assembly or MLAs.



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