NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 6 The story of the road

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for Chapter 6 The story of the road

1. What sounds do you hear on the road in the morning?

Answer. In the morning, we hear the sound of the birds, vegetable man, newspaper, boy’s bicycle and the talks of school man.

2. What is the vegetable man selling?

Answer. He is selling pea, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, raddish, cucumber and potatoes.

3. Why is the road annoyed with the crow?

Answer. The road is annoyed with the crow because it is waking up the road again and again but the road is already wide awaken.

4. Talk about how you would cross the road.

Answer. We shall first step, then look towards our left, then right and then listen if any sound of the traffic could be heard and then will cross the road.

5. Use can and cannot alternatively in the following sentences.

Answer. (i) I can hear the sounds of cars.

(ii) I cannot hear the train whistle.

(iii) I can hear the wind blow.

(iv) I cannot hear the clock.

(v) I can hear the sound of feet.

(vi) I cannot hear the sounds of moving chairs.

(viii) I can hear the dogs barking.

6. Look at the picture and write four sentences about what you see.

Answer. (i) I see a road and zebra-crossing.

(ii) I see cars and trucks on the road.

(iii) I see a tree near the road.

(iv) I see a sea near the road.


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