NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 2 Nina and the baby Sparrows

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for Chapter 2 Nina and the baby Sparrows

1. Why was there great joy in Nina’s house?

Answer. Nina’s Aunt was getting married and everyone in the house was going to Delhi for the wedding.

2. Why was Nina worried?

Answer. Nina was worried for the baby sparrows. She thought if they go out, how the parents of the babies will feed their children.

3. What did the mother suggest?

Answer. Mother said that they will let the window open for the Papa and the Mama sparrows and lock rest of the house.

4. What did Nina find when she came back from the wedding?

Answer. Nina found two plump little sparrows flying all over the room.

5. How do baby sparrows eat?

Answer. Papa or Mama sparrow put food in the beak of baby sparrow and baby sparrows gulp it.

6. What new things would you like to wear for a wedding? You can say “I would like to wear……”

Answer. I would like to wear a beautiful skirt and top with nice shoes. I would also like to wear matching bangles and hair band.

7. Number the jumbled picture story carefully. Then write the story in proper order.

Answer. (i) Nina is sad.

(ii) Mothers asks why?

(iii) Nina does not want to leave the baby sparrows alone.

(iv) Mother says, “We will leave the window open.”

(v) Nina is happy again.

8. Would you like to have birds visiting you everyday?

Answer. Yes, we would like to have birds visiting us everyday.

9. Write down suitable words describing each picture. Pick up the words from the list given below: Beautiful, Black, Red, Happy, Tall, Fat.


NCERT Solutions 

A plump woman.

 NCERT Solutions

A beautiful rose.

 NCERT Solutions

A happy boy.

 NCERT Solutions

A beautiful peacock.

 NCERT Solutions

A tall man

10. Now describe these pictures in your own language.

Answer. (i) This is a fat woman and this is a rose.

(ii) This is Mohan and this is our national bird (Peacock)

(iii) This is our black board.

(iv) This is a very tall man.

11. Say aloud:

Answer. (i) Spoil

(ii) Sparrow

(iii) Sport

(iv) School

(v) Scout

(vi) Skirt

(vi) Skip

(vii) Scold

(viii) Skin


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