NCERT Solutions Class 12 Computer Science Implementation of OOP Concepts in C++

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 Computer Science Implementation of OOP Concepts in C++. NCERT book for Computer Science in class 12 is strongly recommened by teachers and the CBSE and NCERT boards. Please download the NCERT solutions for class 12 Computer Science free in PDF made by teachers of the best schools in India. These solutions are carefully compiled to give detailed understanding of the concepts and also steps of solutions. The NCERT solutions are free to download in pdf format. Please refer to the download link below to download the pdf file and also refer to other chapters and subjects to get the solutions to Computer Science NCERT book questions and exercises.

Chapter - Implementation of OOP Concepts in C++

Question 1: Observe the following C++ code and answer the question (i) and (ii): [Delhi, 2015]

class Traveller


long PNR;

char TName [20];

public :

Traveller ( ) //Function 1


void Book (long P, char N [ ])

//Function 2

{PNR = P, strcpy (TName, N);} void print () //Function 3

{cout<<PNR << TName <<endl;} ~Traveller ( ) //Function 4

{cout<<"Booking cancelled!"<<endl;

} ;

(i) Fill in the blank statements in Line 1 and Line 2 to execute Function 2 and Function 3

respectively in the following code: void main ( )


Traveller T;

___________ //Line 1

___________ //Line 2

}//Stops here


T. Book (1234567, “Ravi”);

//Line 1

T. Print ();

//Line 2

(1/2 Mark for writing each correct Function)

[ICBSE Marking Scheme 2015]

(ii) Which function will be executed at }//Stops here ? What is this function referred as ?

Function 4


~ Traveller ( )

It is a destructor function.

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