CBSE, Class IX Chemistry

CBSE class 9 chemistry covers atoms molecules, is matter around us pure, matter in our surrounding, structure of atom, basic concepts of chemistry, classification of elements and periodicity in properties of elements, environmental chemistry, equilibrium, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, organic chemistry, p block elements, redox reactions, s block elements, states of matter, structure of an atom, thermodynamics students can free download study material in pdf, practice to get better marks in examinations. all material has been prepared based on latest guidelines, term examination pattern and blueprint issued by cbse and ncert

click on tabs below for class 9 chemistry worksheets, assignments, syllabus, ncert cbse books, ncert solutions, hots, multiple choice questions (mcqs), flowcharts, formulas, concept maps, mind map, equations, easy to learn concepts and study notes of all class 9 chemistry chapters, online tests, value based questions (vbqs), sample papers and last year solved question papers

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