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CBSE Board Exam 2017: Mobile app launched to locate exam centre

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched an application, named “Exam Locator” for android based smartphones to make it easy for the students to locate their CBSE examination centres during board exams. Here are some of the features of this app:

CBSE Ends Academic Electives & Vocational Subjects in Class 12

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) made an important announcement in which it told that the academic electives as well as the vocational subjects will be scrapped from the syllabus of class 12. This decision has been taken by the board in the wake of very few students opting for these electives and vocational subjects.

According to the official notice, all the students who are currently studying these subjects in CBSE Class 11 would appear for the exams but hereafter these subjects won’t be taught to the students from next batch onwards. Various vocational subjects like poultry nutrition & physiology, music aesthetics, health education, confectionary, management of dairy animals, music aesthetics, first aid & emergency medical care, office communication, communication, and integrated transport operation are not there in the syllabus anymore.

Tips for Hindi CBSE examination

Hindi and other language based examinations give the most stress to the students as these are subjective examinations with subjective marking scheme to some extent.

Tips for the upcoming examinations

Last years CBSE topper was Sukriti Gupta who made headlines for scoring 99.4 per cent in Class 12 examination. Currently she is pursuing B Tech from IIT Delhi.

She has advised the students as per the following points to study for the CBSE examinations :

a)     Always concentre on the concepts, be a regular student and put in a lot of effort on a regular basis. Whenever there is any doubt then the students should visit the teachers without hesitation.

CBSE Sample papers for 2017 for class 10

The Class 10 board examinations are approaching. The examinations are going to start on March 9 and are going to finish by April 10. Preparation has already started for the CBSE examinations, students are already taking extra classes and crash courses to properly prepare for the examinations.

Helpline launched by CBSE for students and Parents

CBSE board examination are starting almost within a month, thus the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be helping the students and parents by providing psychological counselling from February 9.

The service has been provided by CBSE for the last 19 years and this year will be the 20th year when this service will be provided. Every year the helpline numbers are flooded with calls both by parents and students.


Forms for the students aspiring admission in JAIPUR


Forms for the students aspiring admission in JAIPUR

VIT VELLORE forms have been announced

Following information relating to VIT VELLORE has been announced

CBSE Class 12 mathematics paper to be evaluated by expert committee before final evaluation

On the issue which was being raised some time back regarding leaking of mathematics paper, this has been completely denied by the HRD ministry. Since there are still concerns amongst students and parents, keeping this into consideration its expected that Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) may place the mathematics paper before the committee of subject experts before evaluation.  The feedback received from the committee will be considered during evaluation of mathematics board paper.


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