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NCERT to establish national curriculum for pre-schools across India

National educational modules for play schools are going to be finalized by NCERT across the country. Work on setting up the educational programs is underway and is probably going to be presented from 2018-19, authorities said.

In any case, the greater part of them are secretly run, and there is no certain strategy about pre-schools. Schools take after their own criteria and educational programs.

CBSE amends its circular and allows Tuck shops inside school premises

In the latest roundabout issued by the CBSE, the school can open tuck shops to offer stationary, NCERT books and different things by the board which under studies may require in their everyday school exercises.

In a prior issued circular, CBSE entirely advised all the subsidiary schools not to do any kind of business movement inside the school premises and that their exclusive part is to give quality instruction to the youngsters and they should concentrate on that only.

 This warning was issued by the CBSE on April 19, 2017.


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