Commonwealth in Education Programme for 2010

The Commonwealth Games 2010 are set to start and it may be worthwhile to get children involved in activities that excite them about the Commonwealth Games. The `Shera Mera Dost’ Programme has been prepared to educate school children about the games and to generate an atmosphere conducive to the success of the Commonwealth Games. It is also to create among children a motivation to be enthusiastic and participative in events related to the country as young active citizens.

Aptitude and Interest Assessment with the First Ever CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index : Enrolment For The Programme

CBSE has recently extended the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme in classes IX & X, introduced grading system in class X and has phased out class X exams for students of senior secondary schools. The common factor running across these initiatives is to make the entire spectrum of school education learner friendly.

Conduct of School Based Summative Assessment-II Classes IX and X – 2011

This is in continuation of our Circular No.43/2010 dated 02.08.2010 regarding conduct of Classes IX and X Examination under Summative Assessment-I held in September, 2010.

As you are aware, the Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced Examination Reforms and Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) in i t s schools since last academic year 2009-10 and the detailed scheme has already been intimated to all Heads of schools vide CBSE’s previous circulars.


Latest CBSE News

  • As per the latest updates, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is thinking to stop many of its subjects. There are existing subjects in which students don’t take interest at all. In past few years there are subjects which are not entertained by the students so CBSE feels that these are better to shut these kind of subjects. The CBSE board has asked for suggestions from the schools...
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