CBSE class X exams: agreed to add vocational sixth subject marks

RK Chaturvedi, CBSE chairperson is also the chair of the governing body. He spoke on Thursday about the need to have a common assessment and examination schemes. In May, the Delhi Court has asked CBSE to continue the policy of giving grace marks. CBSE has the policy of giving grace marks to students for difficult questions.

The Human Development Ministry’s Inter Board Working Group will take the decision to cancel the policy of marks moderation, the school board said.

All you need to know about the scrutiny of class 10 and 12 answer books in CBSE

After Intervention of High Court Delhi, Now CBSE has finally decided to scan the answer book carefully, for those students who are applied for a photocopy of evaluated.

More about the reports as per CBSE:

The scrutiny of marks will be released by Board against particular questions in theory paper shall be received from 1st of July 2017. Only those students of class12th have applied scrutiny process for the particular question under the scrutiny scheme.

How To Understand Subjects Easily

Preparing for the various subjects in examination can be stressful. Allocate a place to study, and make a time-table in the beginning of the year itself. Remember it is very important to go through CBSE last year question papers; CBSE worksheets and CBSE sample paper to boost up your confidence in each subject. Follow these simple points and get yourself prepared for examination.

How to improve confidence level

When answering Board examinations, it is easy to feel fear and lose your self-confidence. CBSE Board examinations are typically known for anxiety and terror for students, and at this time, students start losing confidence. This happens especially to those student have performed exceptionally well at all others times. The burden of expectations rises so high, it makes the student begin to self-doubt if they would be able to meet up to those expectations.

How to score better marks in Mathematics examinations

Many of the students who are in CBSE boards and getting prepared for the board examinations have one thing in mind, and that is “how to score better marks in mathematics examinations”.

For few students, Mathematics has always been a favourite subject, but for other, it has always been like climbing Mount Everest. For those who are appearing for the board examinations in few months or years of time, there are few suggestions for them.

How to prepare exam plan for upcoming CBSE Examinations

As we know that very less time is left for CBSE Board Examinations the final moment has come for the students to consolidate all the previous studies and put some additional efforts to their last moment preparations. At this time all the CBSE students should make study strategies and schedule the revision work before the exam day. To stay stress-free, motivated and confident students need some preparation mantras and well-designed strategies.

Schedule the revision timetable


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