Achievement Records

As you are aware the CBSE Board, had forwarded two formats of the achievement records for classes I and II and III to V signifying the introduction of continuous and comprehensive evaluation at primary level.

The earlier exposure to the scheme at secondary level facilitated the schools in implementing this scheme at primary level. Though the main features of the scheme remain the same the CBSE Board is sending additional guidelines to help you in evaluating the primary students. The Rating Scales given therein will help in proper placement of students performance in different scholastic and coscholastic areas for awarding grades.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Primary Classes

As you are well aware. the CBSE Board has been time and again drawing the attention of the dated 8.2.2003 school community through the circulars mentioned in the margin to the urgency of providing

(ii) Circular No. 5/04 a stress free education to the students in the primary sections of school. while the causes dated 5.2.04 that contribute to the stress are many, some of them are quite tangible and it is possible to take such measures that would minimize the stress, if not totally eliminate the same.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Primary Classes

As you are well aware, the Board had already intimated through earlier notifications on the need and urgency of introducing continuous and comprehensive evaluation in the Primary Classes. The objective of this exercise is to shift the focus of academic activities towards enrichment of the total personality of the learners and to facilitate the learners to address to various facets of learning encompassing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. This also should help in distressing leaming so that undue focus is not given to the terminal examinations.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

As you are well aware, the CBSE Board has been addressing to several academic issues to empower the schools in enabling the students to realize their holistic potential in the process of learning. The CBSE Board has always believed that learning is a joyful experience and enables the learner to find the meaning and significance of life. It helps to discover the unfathomed oceans of knowledge and nurture the latent and creative potential in the learner. In a joyful learning environment the curiosity, the sense of enterprise and adventurism, the desire for creativity, the desire to cooperate and coexist is aroused. The learner feels less threatened and hence works in an atmosphere free from fear and stress. In turn, these objectives of the curriculum and its mode of transaction, therefore, have to focus in the achievement of the above goals

Corporal Punishment

The CBSE Board has always held the view that every child is a potential human resource and asset to the country and it is the duty of the educational institutions to provide the right ambience and climate to the learners to develop and enrich their latent talents. Education is a holistic process which facilitates the total development of personality. The tools and methods adopted to impart education should, therefore address the above objectives. To develop as a creative human being, the individual should learn in an atmosphere free from fear. Psychological experiments do substantiate the view that fear negates creativity.

Invitation for participation in National Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2012 at Delhi

Invitation for participation in National Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2012 at Delhi. It gives the Central Board of Secondary Education immense pleasure to inform you that the exhibit/model presented by your school team at Regional Level Science Exhibition was selected for participation at the National Level Science Exhibition. Heartiest congratulations to you and your school team for this achievement.

The following points may please be taken note of with regard to the participation in the National Level Science Exhibition:


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