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NCERT books informative but less activity oriented

According to the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Mr Manish Sisodia said on Tuesday at Delhi that The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks Fundamentally focus on information, Statistics and Data and very less over practical or activity. Hence the Students needs a lot of revision on the same topic.

NCERT textbooks in the place of GCERT in Classes III, V and VII

“The Government of the province of Gujarat has acquired the acquiescence in order to execute the NCERT textbook to the Gujrat Board.

For CBSE board exams 2018 moderation policy will be revised soon

After a protracted discussion, the CBSE is finally progressing to do away with the tradition of giving grace marks to the scholars in 12th Stud CBSE board exams from succeeding academic term. Based upon the report of Times now, the CBSE board is progressing to dispose-off it's moderation policy that is the main reason for the soaring marks in 12th Std.

The Official Notification for CBSE UGC NET 2017 Has Been Released

According to this notification, CBSE will conduct the next UGC-NET for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Assistant Professor Examination on 19th November 2017.

CBSE UGC NET 2017: Exam on 19 November

CBSE to Remove Moderation Policy from 2018

Beginning this academic year, the Central Board of Secondary Education will be doing away with the moderation policy clause in its marking system. This clause was the cause of marks soaring in the last CBSE XIIth Board exams.

The CBSE examination committee is expected to meet this week to consider revising the moderation policy, and to discuss removing the clause that the Board has been using the past many years before declaring the final examination results.

CBSE Reprimands Mumbai Schools for Delay in SE Appointments

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has questioned its schools in Mumbai for not following the policy of appointing Special Educators for students with special needs, as per the requirement in CBSE affiliation rules.

The schools countered that this was due to a lack of enough number of qualified teachers in the city, as not many universities offer this specialization.

Special Educators are required for working with students who need assistance and support to learn.

Prepare for CBSE class 12th board examination

12thCBSE Board Examinations are no less than a nightmare. And ironically, this nightmare is mandatory for all students. This is the stage where one faces real competition. The word ‘competition’ is a havoc for many students making them stressed and pushing them away from their Goals. Well, here are some tips for 12th class students to surpass the competition and score maximum marks.

Reservation for CBSE Students at Professional Colleges

Krithika S is a software engineer, and since last Saturday, arguments made during a court session over two decades ago have been echoing in her mind. That is because, on Saturday, Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar announced that 85% of admissions for MBBS/BDS were going to be internally reserved this year.

Discussions going on to hold CBSE board examinations in February

The Central Board of Secondary Education is now seriously considering advancing the annual Class X and XII board exams to February from March. It is supposed to bring in more quality in assessment and also the results would be declared earlier. The final decision will be taken after the consultation of various stakeholders. Authorities of schools in Kerala are eyeing this with caution. Though they agree that there are advantages also.

Moderation Policy Will Be Changed Form Next Academic Year

CBSE board has decided to remove the moderation policy from this academic year. CBSE board will have a revision in the policy and will declare its decision within a week regarding the marking scheme to be done at the Board examination.

The committee meeting will be held on June 29th. But after bringing on the new system it will become hard for students and they have to work hard for scoring good marks in the subjects. There would be some new restrictions imposed for awarding marks.


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