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The Need of Time Management for Studies

If you have to manage your school life and study time effectively then you have to create a plan and most importantly you need time management in your life. You should try to evaluate your schedule and spend your time to set your goals and priorities. You should make a decision what is important in your life at that point of time.

Get the Best Result-Techniques to Study during Examination

Every student hates taking exams in his/her life but it is part of the routine in child education and all round development. Exams are unavoidable part of school life. You hate it or love it you have to be part of it. But with a perfect study technique you can improve your grades every time. Here are some techniques that can be employed while you study during exams:

Importance of making study notes

When you study, notes help in making your study time worthwhile during examination. Notes are a great way to remember important concepts and formulas which your teacher emphasizes during the classes. Taking your own notes makes you more confident while studying and also during examinations.

Importance of Practicing Maths Questions

Hate Mathematics or love it, you have to study it once in your whole lifetime to get through your basic level of education. It is a prominent part of everyone’s life, for some it is the worst nightmare and some love to solve them. For students who are weak in maths and run from solving questions and getting results should practice it because mathematics is all about practice, practice and more of practice. It is said that mathematics is the only subject in which students can get full grades and improve their results.

How to Manage Stress during Exams

When exams are on your end just feel prepared and don’t get stressed; it is the best gift for you at that time. Some amount of stress is necessary at that particular time but over stress affecting your examination can be harmful for your results. So before exams try to take a moment and make a plan to manage your stress. Some tips to manage your stress are as follows-

How to Improve Memory to get better marks in Examinations

Students suffer from memory problems; they face deficit in registering knowledge in short term memory and have many difficulties remembering things time to time. If you easily forget things and you feel blank at times then you have to work on your concentration power and memory.

Better ways to study for upcoming CBSE Examinations

If you want perfect examination results then studying effectively is not a matter of chance. Students, who follow systematic methods and learn more easily, retain their study material for long durations and save themselves from hours of last moment studying and rush.

CBSE Board examination students grievance cell – “Observation Schedule”

The CBSE board for Uttar Pradesh has taken a step further for the benefit of the CBSE students. An “Observation Schedule” has been set up as per which the students and teachers can send their observations regarding the questions which will come in the CBSE board examinations. If the questions are out of syllabus, too difficult for the students to solve or has not been translated properly for the students can be reported to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

CBSE Declares Datesheets For Class 12th And 10th Exams

The date sheet for the class 12th and 10th CBSE board examinations were released on the official web portal of the Central Board for secondary education.

As per the date sheet exams for class 12th would begin from March 2, 2015 and continue till April 17, 2015. For class 10th exams have been have been scheduled from March 2, 2015 till March 26, 2015.

Pre-University (PU) students not to study Blow up syllabus this year

As per the latest information Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) has withdrawn the order relating to blow up syllabus which caused lot of confusion and distress amongst students at the time when the examinations are just on our door steps. As per the board feedback was obtained from various schools heads across the country and this order has been withdrawn.


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