Project: Green Olympiad 2011 and its linkage with CCE in School Curricular

TERI has been conducting Green Olympiad project in India and abroad for students of class VIII to X. Since Environment education forms an integral part of school, society and life, the written test assesses the Environment related sensitivity of the students. This effort (of TERI) aligns well with the existing school curriculum on one side and the spirit of CCE re-initiated by the CBSE Board .Certification by agencies like UNESCO and DESD further lends credibility to this project. In view of collective responsibility towards the social awareness, the CBSE Board considers the Olympiad as relevant to address the challenges of 21st century through school education

Observance of “Clean Delhi Day” on 12th September, 2010

The citizens awareness campaign titled ‘Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna’ on March 16th 2010 was also launched by Art of Living at Purana Qila. The organisation spearheaded a week-long cleanliness drive of the 8 Yamuna ghats where thousands of volunteers cleaned the ghats, waded into the water and removed debris and waste and also planted trees on the ghats to beautify them.

Schools Water Portal – A unique resource for teachers on Water Education

The Central CBSE Board of Secondary Education has included large number of concepts related to conservation of natural resources in its syllabi of different subjects. The CBSE Board has also advised schools to set up Eco Clubs as far as 08 years back. Moreover it has brought out Teachers’ Manual for Classes I – VIII priced at Rs. 30/- and Class IX priced at Rs. 40/- which are available in the Publication Stores, CBSE, Shiksha Sadan, 17 Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi-110002.

Kaun Banega Paryavaran Ambassador

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has launched a campaign titled ‘Kaun Banega Bharat Ka Paryavaran Ambassador (KBPA)’ In Partnership With The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) with a view to promote public awareness about environmental issues. The campaign was inaugurated by Smt. Pratibha Devi Patil, Hon’ble President of India on July 5, 2008.

KBPA is a ‘nationwide campaign’ that is intended to mobilize opinion of the general public and particularly, the students and children from about 2 lakh schools in the country to select/nominate an ambassador who would be expected to espouse and promote the cause of environment.

National Urban School Sanitation Awards 2009 in the context of setting up of ‘Health and Wellness Clubs and ‘Eco-Clubs’ in schools

The CBSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Urban Development and GTZ has introduced the ‘National Initiative on School Sanitation’ and the aim is to inculcate good sanitation habits among the school children. The Annual National Urban School Sanitation Awards(NSSUA) has been instituted by Ministry of Urban Development along with German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and Central CBSE Board of Secondary Education CBSE to inspire, acquaint and celebrate excellence in Urban School Sanitation.

Directives to schools regarding Environmental Education from Class I-VIII

Kindly refer to the circular no: 08/2005 dated lst February, 2005 inviting your attention to the introduction of Environmental education as a compulsory subject in schools. You are aware that it is being increasingly realized all over the world that living a harmonious and healthy life on this planet Earth is man’s greatest need. In keeping with this concern the Hon’ble supreme court had directed NCERT to develop a model syllabus of Environmental Education as a compulsory subject in a graded manner. NCERT has recommended that a value based action oriented course of Environmental education would lead from knowledge to feeling and finally to appropriate action. There is a need to develop a graded, action oriented, value based course in Environmental Education for a1l the classes I levels of schooling in such a way that it addresses the general environment concerns without adding to the curricular load.

Introduction of Environmental Education as a compulsory subject in schools from Classes I to XII

The issues of environmental concerns relating to depleting natural sources, eradication of many natural species, increasing pollution, global warming resulting in ecological imbalances and natural calamities, health concerns arising out poor wastage management systems and other diverse issues have attracted the attention of the people worldwide. Educating the people of a nation on the above issues appears to be vital for the sustenance of the globe in all its grandeur.

Environmental Protection through Eco-Clubs in Schools

You are aware that the Central CBSE Board of Secondary Education has included large number of concepts related to protection and conservation of environment in its syllabic of different subjects. Realizing the potential of education as a powerful tool to reshape and re-orient the thinking of individuals, the CBSE Board firmly believes that it has a significant role to play in not only spreading awareness about environmental problems but also inculcating desired environmental ethics and values in the learners studying in the Schools.

Introduction of e-Typewriting-English/Hindi from the academic ses¬sion 2011-12 of Class IX and 2012-13 of Class X

As you are aware that the CBSE offers Typewriting- English/Hindi (Code No. 354) as an additional subject under Commerce Group at Secondary level. With the purpose to make it more functional to meet the increasing use of computers in government and private offices, the CBSE Board has decided to replace the existing course of Typewriting- English/Hindi with the course in e-Typewriting (Electronic Typewriting)- English and Hindi from the academic session 2011-12 of Class IX and 2012-13 of Class X.


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