Important changes in CCE Mentoring and Monitoring Framework

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in its strengthened form was initiated by Central Board of Secondary Education at Secondary Stage in all schools affiliated to it from the academic session 2009-2010. The CCE scheme has been implemented in its schools successfully with the cooperation and untiring efforts of various stakeholders in general and that of the Mentors in particular. During the last 2-3 years, the Mentors appointed by the Board have significantly contributed positively towards implementation of CCE scheme in CBSE schools. Now we need to give further impetus to the implementation of CCE scheme and carry mentoring further through handholding and collaboration. Mentors can now access the CBSE Academic Website ( to reach Mentoring-Monitoring Framework under the Mentoring Corner.

Learn English by Sijo Francis

All over the world language serves the purpose of expressing one’s idea effectively. Someone asks and somebody answers. In short, a language means a set of questions and answers. It is same in English also. In order to learn English you should learn to ask questions and should be ready to give answers. These saying or asking is to be done in sentence which is an arrangement of words in a meaningful way. There is a particular way arranging words in English. This order is Subject + Verb + Object, S V O for short.
In case of questions, they are easy to frame and use. A direct question always begins with a helping verb or a question word.

CBSE Newsletter

CBSE has published a newsletter providing very useful details for students and teachers. Please read the latest newsletter and get more information. This is the first CBSE specific newsletter published by CBSE

Organisation of CBSE Science Exhibition-2012

The Central Board of Secondary Education has been taking many initiatives to provide interactive, participatory, hands-on, innovative and creative learning experiences to students studying in its affiliated schools. One such initiative refers to the organisation of Science Exhibitions at Regional and National levels every year. The activity aims at providing a common platform to schools, teachers and students to give shape to their innovate ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. These exhibitions also intend to provide a medium for popularising Science and increase awareness among the stakeholders about close relationship between Science, Technology and Society.

National Informatics Olympiad 2010-11 – First Stage Examination

The Central Board of Secondary Education will be conducting the National Informatics Olympiad in collaboration with the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS), Mumbai, across the country and abroad. The examination for the same will be held in two stages. The examination will be open to all the students of classes VIII to XII studying in schools affiliated to CBSE as well as other Boards in the country.

The first stage examination consisting of the Zonal Informatics Olympiad will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2010 between 10.00 am and 01.00 pm. The examination will be a written examination to test the aptitude of the students, their logical competence,
problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.


Latest CBSE News

  • The admission process for Kendriya Vidyalayas class 1 students are going to start from today and the process will continue till March 18. The admissions for class 2 till class 12 will start in April. The students will get admissions to class 2 of the KV school they want to get admission only on availability of seats in that school. Similarly, the admission in class 11 will depend on the board...
  • Message from CBSE Chairperson Dear children, It is the 5th of March, 2018. Your Board exams begin today. Your emotions are almost palpably evident -healthy permutations and combinations of excitement, focus and determination, with that wee bit of sprinkling of wondrousness about what your future holds for you. We have all crossed this stage as we pass through life. You know, I happen to belong...
  • The sale of Non NCERT books and school uniforms by private vendors have been again allowed in school premises by the Delhi High Court. CBSE had earlier passed a circular instructing all schools to close down tuck shops in schools which sell Non NCERT books and uniforms in school premises as it leads to commercialisation of the school as there were lot of complaints that the profits are pocketed...
  • The board exams for class 10 and class 12 are set to begin from Monday next week. Almost 12 lakh students from class 12 and 16.5 lakhs students from class 10 are going to sit in the board exams this year. Since the exams have returned after a gap of many years so the stress level amongst students is bound to be high this year. In order to make it little relaxed for students the CBSE has given...
  • Following are the clarifications issued by CBSE on change in Curriculum Subsequent to a series of discussions held between NCERT and CBSE, and further directions, certain subjects have been discontinued vide Circular No. 07/2018 dated 09.03.2018. After the uploading of the said circular, the queries received from various schools affiliated to CBSE have been compiled in the form of FAQs. The...
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