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How to improve memory level to score better in exams

CBSE papers are one of the most challenging examinations in the nation. Examinees need to be very accurate with their answers and smart enough to finish it under the timeline. To get the rank in the CBSE result you should have keen knowledge and enough memory to place it at the right time. Shorter or week memory is the very common problem for the learners and students.

How to improve handwriting to score better in CBSE exams

When answering CBSE Board examinations, you need to be very careful about your writing else you might end up scoring less. Clean and crisp handwriting might help you to get 5 marks extra. It is important that the student’s handwriting be sufficiently neat to ensure the teachers who grade their work are able to understand the answers that are written. Here are a few tips to get you writing right. Practice them everywhere – when taking notes, answering CBSE Sample Papers, and working on CBSE Worksheets.

How to improve education system in India

The great future and all over the development of any country directly depends on the quality of basic education of the children. Though achieving a professional degree in India is not so easy for everyone due to some reasons.  After the independence of our country India, some significant changes are seen. However, there is always some room for the better results with improvement in the system.

Online Application submission for compartment exams

The online submission of the compartment form for aspirants who are currently pursuing their class X should take place in July 2017. All the students need to check the details regarding the exam fees, eligibility and the procedure for application and much more. Student and parents should go through the detailed procedure before online submission, in order to avoid some mistakes. The information regarding the eligibility for students would be generated automatically while applying the application.

Tamil Nadu government planned to issue books and dvd for state board students for NEET and IIT exams

Tamil Nadu Government has decided to provide the books for State Board students as per CBSE standards. The books will contain up to 54,000 questions with answers for getting good scores in competitive examinations like NEET.

The Government will also provide 30 hours DVD for state board students, for the better understanding of topics and to score good marks in competitive exams like NEET and IIT.

How to motivate yourself

CBSE Board examination is a nerve-wracking time for CBSE students. The constant pressure of the exam and the back to back scheduled exams leave the students tired which leads to less sleeping time as well. This causes weak performance and leads to demotivation. Students should make some effective efforts that can control the demotivation in them. Learn the way to keep yourself in a very positive frame of mind in the certain times.

Concentrate on weak subjects

SEFI seeks to fill up SE Vacancies

The Special Educators Forum of India (SEFI) has sent two representations to the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samithi, in response to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)’s circular issued to its affiliated schools instructing them to appoint Special Educators as part of Inclusive Education.

Compartment examinations of 12th CBSE exam held on July 17

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) can hold 12th std compartment exams on 17th July and 10th Std performance improvement exams between 17th and 20th July. The board conducts compartment examination for college kids who fail in one amongst the six subjects within the 12th std examinations within the last 2 years.

Improvement of performance examinations is organized for those 10th Std CBSE students whose results were declared as EIOP (Eligible for Improvement of Performance) once the board examinations within the current year.

Passion that is Biology

Science is an infinite topic, which solves the mysteries in the world about us. Students have fascination for the different topics which come under science. Some would find interest in the atoms and molecules and the reactions brought about by organic chemistry. Some would prefer the physics and the study of how everything works. Other find their attention captured by the intricate subject of Biology.

NEET results kept all the students and guardians in confusion

 NEET 2017 results were declared five days ago but the students and guardians are still in confusion because the authorities are still to receive any knowledge together with the rank list, pass share, language-wise list or board-wise list from the CBSE.


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