Why no retest decision was taken by CBSE

CBSE declared few days back that class 10 Mathematics examination will not be conducted inspite of strong rumours that the Mathematics board exams paper was leaked hours before the examination and was circulated widely in Delhi and Punjab region.

The details behind the decision taken by CBSE have now come to light. CBSE had on random basis selected answer sheets of 1000 students across Delhi, Patna and Panchkula region.

All these answer sheets were checked to identify any problems like sudden increase in passing percentage or any specific pattern in the answer style.

CBSE observed that instead of better performance this year the performance of students in all three regions has drastically reduced.

As compared to 2017 results the passing percentages of 2018 for these 1000 students was much lower. The passing percentage which was in 90s in previous year has fallen almost 10% and now ranges between 80-85%, which is a drastic fall and thus proves that the Mathematics paper was not leaked.

CBSE said that lot of inconvenience will be caused to almost 14 lakh students if re exam is conducted with no significant benefits seen if re exam is conducted.

Class 12 students are expecting to get a toucher paper this time when the re examination is conducted.


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