Tips to prepare for the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam

Many CBSE students who are all preparing for their Class X exams do not prepare well for the English exams because they always try to focus on the mainstream subjects. When they are on the go for scoring more marks for the main subjects, their performance level and the marks got greatly reduced in English. English is a global language, so it is very important to learn that subject as it can help you to score more than 95% marks in exams. Also, one of the biggest advantages in doing the English exam well is it will give you the opportunity to increase the total mark too. That is why we bring here some useful tips for you to score more than 90% marks in your CBSE Class X English Examination. Please continue your reading to know what those tips are.

Know the syllabus and exam pattern:

Before starting to prepare for the examination, every class 10 students must know their complete syllabus. After knowing the syllabus for your exam, know the exam pattern and marking scheme because these will help you to strategize the preparation process in the correct way. There are three different sections (Reading section, writing & grammar, and literature) available in total for the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative paper. Reading the NCERT Books and solving the sample papers will help to improve the writing skills before appearing for the exam.

Tips for Section-A (reading section):

The Section-A is the reading section which is conducted to test the ability of the student to read and understand a paragraph because in this section they will answer for the questions associated with the given paragraph. If students practice regularly 2-3 passages per day, then the chance of scoring in this section will trigger. Although this section is a chance for students to score more, they need to carefully read the paragraph/passage before giving their answers.

Tips for section-B (Writing and Grammar):

The section-B is for testing the Class 10 students writing and grammar skills. To prepare well for the writing part, each student should practice writing letters, essays, articles, notices, poster making, etc. Also, going through the sample articles and letters is also important. When it comes to the grammar side, students first need to read the grammar usage in the proper way. After that students need to complete the fill in the blanks, omission type questions, and re-arrangement sentences. Doing regular practice in the grammar part will help students improve their grammar as well as the mark.

Tips for Section-C (Literature part):

There will be a lot of poems and chapters on the literature side. Try to read all the chapters slowly with clear understanding. Poems will be little difficult to understand, so know the inner meanings thoroughly. To score well, memorize the entire poems and chapters without skipping anything available on the English Book along with the corresponding author details. Totally four questions will be asked in the examination question paper, so try to do more previous year questions and sample tests in your home for the better result.

Revise everything at the last:

Do not study new things at the last minute because you need to do revision at the last minute so that you will be able to recall everything you study during your preparation time. Class 10 English subjects cannot be completed in a day, so practice and revise well without making any bargain. If possible, do some writing practices too during the revision time as that will help you to write in a faster way at the exam hall and dont forget to do Last 10 years Board Exam Question Papers

Hope the shared tips will help you to score more than 90% marks in your upcoming class 10 English board exam. All the very best!




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