Tips for Parents to Motivate your Child

Parents are rightly called the first teachers in our lives. A majority of what we learn comes from our parents, not so much from school. Even before we start going to school, our parents are the ones who teach us everything from what is right to what is wrong.

So it goes without saying that their opinion, their motivation, and their support goes a long way in helping a child become what they want to. Even when everyone else turns our back on us, we look towards our parents to provide us with the support necessary for us to move ahead in life.

So here are a few tips that all parents should keep in mind as they bring up their children.

1. Be enthusiastic about their dreams

As a child, we often have dreams which may not logical or realistic in the long run. But the one job parents have is to always support us and be enthusiastic about what we want. As a parent, you should never put your child down or dismiss what dreams he has, instead encourage your child to work hard and do whatever is required to accomplish their dreams. Checkout the unseen passage for practice.

2. Appreciate them and give rewards

Appreciation is a very strong motivator for a person of any age and especially for a child. If you appreciate your child for something they have done, however small it might be, that appreciation goes a long way in motivating them to further improve. Give them small rewards every time they do something right. Even if it's an ice cream, positive reinforcement is very necessary and effective in motivating a child.

3. Accept them the way they are

Even if your child isn't the brightest student in maths or isn't the most athletic kid around, accept your child. Tell them it's okay to not be a perfectionist. Everyone can't be good at everything. Don't let them feel low about themselves. Embrace their imperfections and try to work on them. The only way a child will be motivated to work on them is if he feels that even failure doesn't make him any less of a person.

4. Show interest in their lives

You might be a super busy professional with tons of work to complete, but even taking out an hour or so every day to talk to your child about their life is important. Hear what they have to say, listen to their daily affairs, make them feel heard. Even if it's about a simple compliment from their teacher, the only way they'll feel motivated is if they know someone is there to listen and support them.

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5. Help them set goals and make plans

Encourage your child to set a goal for themselves, even if it's a tiny goal like completing their homework before going out to play. Help them come up with both short term and long term goals and make a fixed plan for it. Help them decide how to achieve it step by step. How they need to work a little every day towards it. Teach them that a little effort every day is all they need to be successful in life.

These 5 tips are just some important ones to keep in mind as you motivate your child, be it for the final exams or for their aim to become an astronaut.

Remember that your job as a parent will never end and you will be the most important motivator and influence in your child's life, for all the years to come.

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