Tips for Hindi CBSE examination

Hindi and other language based examinations give the most stress to the students as these are subjective examinations with subjective marking scheme to some extent. Just reading the books and going to the examination may not be good to get better marks in the CBSE examinations.


Hindi is one subject in class 10 where it might be complicated to score good marks.

Some tips for preparing for Hindi and other language based CBSE examinations are as follows:


  1. Multiple times reading of the chapters is very important. Atleast 50% of the questions come directly from the chapter itself.
  2.  When reading the chapters concentrate on the grammar used.
  3. Short notes relating to some concepts which you think are your weak areas are helpful and come handy just before the examinations.
  4. Past year question papers are very important to practise.
  5. Students must also refer to the sample question papers issued by CBSE and can also refer to the sample papers published by some good publishers.
  6. In Hindi question papers, the unseen passages are also extremely important and always a cause of concern to students. Practise of unseen passages of previous examinations or sample papers will help to clarify the doubts and make the student used to the pattern
  7. Students should practise the question papers at home by creating examination like conditions to help them to get it and will aslo help to assess themselves.





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