Syllabus to be reduced by half to have more sports activities

The HRD ministry is working on revising the syllabus for all classes. The revised syllabus will be applicable from session starting in 2019. Suggestions were invited from Students, teachers and parents through the link provided on the HRD website. Based on the suggestion the teams at HRD, CBSE and NCERT are working on the new education policy and revised syllabus for all classes.

It was announced earlier that the syllabus will be reduced by half and concentration will be more on helping the students to learn important concepts in more detail. The government is also planning to increase sports activity amongst students by making daily sports activity mandatory in daily timetable at schools. More sports competitions will be organized amongst schools which will help children to develop a healthy life style.

The sports ministry has welcomed the initiative of government to make sports periods mandatory which will help to develop sports in the country and bring Indian talent to international platforms.

The revised syllabus for 2019 is expected to come by end of this year post which books will be printed and made available to students by start of next session.

Based on the revision of the syllabus which will be done by CBSE, NCERT will start drafting the new setup text books which will be changed based on the syllabus issued. It is expected that they might be 10 to 15% reduction in the syllabus in the first year based on which the NCERT textbooks will be revised. was the NCERT textbooks have been revised the same will be available to the students in PDF format on NCERT website as well as the completely new stock of NCERT books will be printed and dispatched to various States which will be later on made available to the students. the students should follow the NCERT textbooks to prepare themselves for the examinations as the books have been made exactly as per the syllabus issued by CBSE the student should also do the NCERT questions which are given at the end of each chapter in that NCERT book. By practising the NCERT questions and also looking at the NCERT solutions on this website the students will be able to effectively prepare for the examinations which are being done at either school level or at professional level. 

The NCERT solutions given on this website have been prepared by teachers having great experience of teaching in various schools in India and a very well aware of the course as well as the examination pattern. Student should go ahead and download the NCERT solutions for all chapters are subjects that they want in individual PDF files and share with their friends. You must practice the NCERT solutions as much as possible as it will help you to score better marks in examinations. The NCERT solutions have been prepared in such a format which can be self-explanatory and all the concepts relating to the questions have also been explained in a step-by-step mythology which if the students go through in detail will be able to understand the chapter as well as the pattern in which the solutions have to be done. 

Apart from the NCERT solutions the student should also referred to the exemplars which have been issued by NCERT as the set of questions are also very carefully drafted by the teachers. The exemplar solutions also can be downloaded from this website which are really helpful for students and can help them to get the best preparation for the school level examinations as well as any professional exam also.

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