Relief for CBSE Board Students

All the CBSE students who are appearing for their board exams this year can breathe a sigh of relief. The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to increase the number of questions given to the students with more internal choices. So now you don't have to worry about whether or not you will be able to solve all the questions. More choices within each question means that you can focus on the parts you're strong in and do well in those.

The pattern that was chosen previously

Before this decision was taken, CBSE board papers had internal choice only for the long answer questions in the end. This meant that for all the short answer questions, the students had to answer whatever was asked without any second option.

The new changes

Starting from 2019, there are almost 10 to 11 questions with internal choice which will be given to the students. So even if you don't feel confident about certain topics in your syllabus, you can study the rest and rest assured that you will have a choice.

Subjects which will see changes

There are 40 subjects for class 12 students which will see this pattern change and 15 which will see the same for class 10 students. This means that overall 55 subjects will be affected by this change in pattern.

Rules to be implemented for boards now

There are also three new rules that will be implemented for the students starting from this year.

a) They will have to wear their school uniform when coming for the exam.

b) They will need their parents signature on the admit card and

c) No student will be allowed entry into the centre after 10 AM.

Commencement and end of exams

The CBSE has released their date sheet which states that for Class 12 the boards will begin on 15 February and will continue till 4 April 2019. For the 10th students, their exams will last from 21 February to 29 March 2019.


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