NCERT Syllabus in Tripura from next academic year

In continuation of the efforts of the government to standardize the education system across the country, government has decided to implement NCERT curriculum system in Tripura also. The education minister of Tripura announced that from next academic year which is starting from 1st April, NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) will be applicable in all schools in Tripura.

The preparation for introducing the syllabus and intimations to schools is being done. The NCERT books will also be made available to the students along with detailed understanding of CBSE syllabus.

As per the new system, NCERT syllabus will be initially implemented from class 1 to class 9 and class 11. But fro, April 2020 onwards it will be mandatory for classes 10 and class 12 also thus completing the process of implementing NCERT books in the entire Tripura.

This comes as a great move which will be rally beneficial for students in the state. The students who will be studying NCERT books and CBSE syllabus will be at par with students in other states who are already studying these courses. There has been strong debates around the fact that the syllabus used by state boards is outdated and is not of good quality. This change will help the students to read and learn from the latest education material and will also be able to compete with ease in national level examinations.

The Tripura students used to face great challenge when they used to appear for higher level examination/ professional examinations due to sudden increase/ change in syllabus. This change will help the students to lean in advance and be prepared for professional examinations also.

There are multiple resources also available on the web which will help the students to learn more. The students will have to strictly follow the NCERT books designed as per CBSE syllabus and will have to do NCERT solutions for all classes and subjects. Solving questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT books always helps the students to test their knowledge and practice more and more questions which will help them in examinations at school and state level.

The students will also be required to do Exemplar solutions again which are of great importance. The Exemplars which are mainly for Mathematics and Science subjects from classes 6 to class 12. Exemplars are great collection of questions which have been carefully designed by a team at NCERT of teachers of various schools in the country. The exemplars were designed with aim to make the students understand every concept in the chapters. It’s strongly recommended by teachers in all schools that students should solve the questions given in the exemplars and compare the Exemplar solutions with the free solutions given on various websites like

We have seen that questions from exemplars have come in various exams and also sometimes professional exams. Students who have been doing the questions in exemplar books have been scoring better marks as their concepts are more clear and able to answer questions from any part of the chapter. This also helps in long run as when they appear for high level examinations also then they can score more as their concepts will be clearer.

We suggest the students to download pdf files of NCERT solutions and Exemplar solutions from our website free. This will help them to learn more and get better marks in examinations.

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