How to stay away from social media to study better

Smartphones and the latest technologies are ruling students life today, even two year small kid uses a mobile phone to watch YouTube videos and cartoon games while eating food. Nowadays when you go inside a home, almost all the people inside the home will have a mobile phone individually. This impact of the smartphone technology over the public is the major reason for the increased users on the social media.

School and college going students are the major part in it because they know how the latest technology works, so they spend their whole time on social media. Do you know what is the result of this increased social media gives back to the students?  The marks and understanding level of the students become lesser and lesser over the months.

Is social media bad for everyone?

Social media allow everyone to work efficiently. One can get as many friends as possible from any part of the world using this social media technology. Social media also helps students to learn many things on the go, but the problem will start only if people start to use for a whole day. Each day, many different contents related to sports, games, entertainment, and much more will be uploaded, so it is better to restrict the students to keep away from this social medium for a few months for the better academic results.

Things to do to stay away from social media:

If you are in your study room, even though you try to study with full concentration, your social media applications will disturb you with the notifications.  Because of this continuous disturbance, you will pause your studies to check down the notification which is not a good thing to do when you study. In order to help you while you prepare for your studies, we bring you here some useful tips to follow which will help you avoid using social media.

Turn off WIFI:

The internet connection is the main reason for social media users to stay awake till night to browse and use it. As a student, you can turn-off WIFI connection in your mobile phone to stop getting the notification from the mobile applications. Once you turn-off it, you will not get any type of notification from the social media applications. Many students who are all trying hard to stop using social media is following this method, so surely it works for you.

Do not recharge:

If you cannot resist yourself from using the social media applications available in your phone, do not recharge for the next month. If you stop recharging to get the internet supported in your phone, you will not receive any messages or updates or notifications from your social media friends and pages, so this will help you in the best way to concentrate on your studies.

Do not use smartphones:

Some people cannot stop using the applications in their phone because it becomes a habit for them to use it continuously no matter wherever they go. If you are also one such student having that bad habit, then you can stop using your internet supported device in your hand. Instead of that, use the basic model phones which will help you to talk with people, but at the same time, you cannot access your favorite applications and games on your phone.

Uninstall the social media applications:

The entire social medium hosted their mobile applications in the Android and IOS store, so students are using it in large number to access it. As a daily user, you can uninstall those applications from your phone because once you uninstall it, there are no further chances to connect with the social media applications again. Once your exams got over, you can install those apps again to get connected with your favorite people and pages in the social medium.

For the desktop users:

Many parents think there is no option to restrict the students from looking into the social media application when they use desktop system. By using the Stop Procrastinating app, you can do it easily to stop your children from browsing social media applications. This app installed in the desktop will restrict the users to access the social media websites, so your son/daughter will study for the upcoming exam without any third thought now.

For preparing for the examinations the best approach is to concentrate in NCET books and the Exemplar problems. Do NCERT Solutions as many times as possible and also take out exemplar problem solutions which will help you to prepare and revise for the examination in the best possible manner. This has been recommended by almost all teachers and even the CBSE board.

Hope the shared tips will help you in the best way to restrict yourself from using social media applications during the exam time. Do well in your exam, all the best.




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