How to get more marks in Mathematics Exams

On the one hand, students enjoy a lot while solving the problems on the mathematics subject. On the other hand, some students cry out when they prepare for their exam. Getting a good mark in the mathematics exam is not that difficult but many students didn't recognize it. The biggest problems in mathematics exam which a student normally face during the exam are timing, getting wrong answers in the middle, and losing the attention after trying several steps to find the correct answer for the specific problem. If a student finds ways to overcome the above-mentioned difficulties, he/she can easily crack the exam with very good marks.

How to score good marks in mathematics exam?

Many students do not know the answer for the above question, so they end up by getting low marks in the exam. Even some students are continuously failing in their exam without any proper guidance. If your parents do not know mathematics to teach you in the home, then it doesn't mean you cannot pass the exams with good marks. With proper practice, hard-work, and never give up attitude, you can score good marks in any exam. Is mathematics is a nightmare for you? Don't worry because we are now here to help you to know the ways to score good marks in the mathematics examination next time. Read more to know how to make it.

Make a separate note for formulas and Theorems:

When you start to prepare for the mathematics examination, the first thing you need to do is to put a separate for the formulas and theorems because unlike the other subjects, mathematics subject will have plenty of formulas to go through. If you note down the formulas and equations in the separate note, this will highly help you during the exam time. You do not need to search for the formulas individually on the day before your exam. You can also suggest this to all your friends to get benefitted with it.

Solve problems on your own:

If you need to score good marks, then you need to solve problems by yourself. Many students after copying the notes given by the teacher on the class never try the problems in the home on their own. Before appearing for the exam, at least you need to solve the problem for 2-3 times so that you will get a clear idea about how to make the same at the exam hall in a quick time.

Clear the doubts immediately:

If you do not understand the problem solved on the board by your school staff, ask the teacher immediately. One cannot be born genius, so you do not need to sit in silence if you cannot understand the problem. Asking the staff during the free time will help you get more idea to solve the problems in an easy way. If you are not feeling comfortable to ask you staff in private, find a smart student in your class who is good in mathematics and clear your doubts.

Manage your time:

You need to manage your time by yourself. If you have 10 chapters to complete in total, maintain a time list to complete each chapter in a different time. All the chapters will not take the same time to complete because some chapters will not take much time to revise before the exam whereas some other difficult chapters will take much time to complete. Having a proper knowledge about the syllabus will help you manage your time without any hassle.

Spend more time on your problematic areas:

If you are finding it difficult when doing a particular type of problems in mathematics, try to spend more time on that rather than spending more time with the known subjects. Many students will revise the known subjects for more time because they get more fun while resolving it. But, if you want to score more, focus more on the problematic areas.

Practice the previous year papers:

Many students find it difficult to complete the mathematics exam on time. The main reason for their difficulty in final exams is due to the lack of practice. If you really wish to get good more marks, take the previous year question papers and try to resolve it completely. This practice will help you complete the exam on time at the examination hall. You can download last year question papers by clicking the links below:

Last Year Question Papers for Class 12

Last Year Question Papers for Class 11

Last Year Question Papers for Class 10

Last Year Question Papers for Class 9

Last Year Question Papers for Class 8

Last Year Question Papers for Class 7

Last Year Question Papers for Class 6

Mathematics is an interesting subject, so if you find a way to understand the concepts in the right way, then you will surely fall in love with that subject. If you are a weak student in mathematics, follow the above methods to get the good marks in the upcoming mathematics examination. All the best!



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