Daily Yoga Sections to be conducted by all CBSE Aided Schools across Country

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has requested all the schools including both CBSE and state board to have daily yoga sessions in schools. The sessions are not only for primary sections, it will also be conducted for secondary sections too. And for the best start for these sessions, June 21 Yoga Day is selected. There will be a One-hour Demonstration on Yoga day at all schools.

 As the summer leaves are still being extended for some schools, the students might find it difficult to come over schools on June 21st.So, opening schools on that day might be difficult.

So, the Central Board has done other arrangements to make all students participate in this event. They have arranged for the Yoga Online Quiz for the students where they all the students across the country can participate and get benefited. The Online Quiz starts from June 15 to June 21 ie. Till Yoga Day.

The circular will be sent to all students to participate in the online Quiz. And also all the school's heads have given a promising statement to make Yoga as the compulsory subject for evaluating. It has already added to the Comprehensive Evaluation Marks (CCE) and so Yoga sections will be added for the physical education to all students.

Encouraging students to have such physical sections at schools really motivates students and will create more interest in all physical activities. As today students are a bit of more stressed having Yoga sections, creates a relaxing environment, Boosts Brainpower, Helps concentration and can stay a Happy and Healthy Life.

The Central Board Of Secondary Education(CBSE) are motivating the students to take participate in the Quiz to get more active in both Physical and in Academics.

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