CBSE UGC NET 2017 July Examination cancelled to be held in November 2017

UGC NET examination directed by CBSE on behalf of University Grants Commission for 2017 is the most recent dubious issue that encompasses the education sector of the Indian sub-continent. 2017 has been an un-fateful experience for some wannabes who meant to split the very prestigious examinations including UGC NET 2017 directed by Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE. Agitated students held protests against the directing experts particularly University Grants Commission i.e. UGC under whose nose the whole examination is arranged, planned and directed.

Earlier, UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) was led two times in a year - January and July. It’s an enabling examination for the post of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship or both.

"This additionally implies the NET exam in December won't be happening this time. This prompts a circumstance where under the carpet the ministry is curtailing the bi-annual NET examination and making it a yearly occasion", said an announcement from the student body prior.

CBSE UGC NET 2017, Why Protests?

Arranging protests to voice their sentiments concerning how they felt being cheated before the finish of the experts in charge of conducting including UGC and CBSE for NET 2017 examinations, here are the reasons referred to for the protest that shocked the aspirants of UGC NET 2017 examination this year.

• UGC NET 2017 notice postponed by two months, wasting times and efforts of numerous who were getting ready for the exam

• Delayed notification declared as of late whose official confirmation is as yet anticipated on 24thJuly , 2017

• UGC and CBSE together blamed for the misconduct and postponement in the notifications, prompting to panic attempts

• Scrapping the choice of conducting the UGC NET examinations twice a year is another significant issue

• Students claim the enrollment would be reduced to half if such a choice is actualized

• UGC NET 2017 expected to be held in July 2017 is presently in November 2017, delaying it by four months 

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